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10 Impossible Modeling Challenges Solved by SOLIDWORKS Forum Power Users The power users in the SOLIDWORKS Community compete weekly on the SOLIDWORKS Forum to find original and unexpected solutions to complex modeling problems. Selected solutions included in this session will demonstrate that there are no limits on what can be achieved using SOLIDWORKS. 90 Minutes Alin Vargatu
19th Annual SWUGN Summit We invite you to join over 100 user group leaders and officers at the annual SWUGN Summit meeting at SOLIDWORKS World. This session will look back at some of the history and people responsible for creating the greatest user community in the CAD industry. There will be some very special guests to help us celebrate this milestone. If you would like to hear more about SWUGN, learn about the benefits of belonging to a local SOLIDWORKS User Group Chapter, and have some fun in the process, join us at the very special Monday afternoon meeting. The 19th Annual SWUGN meeting will be held on Monday, February 5th, 2018. 60 Minutes Richard Doyle
3DEXPERIENCE Motion: Build, Validate, and Test Mechanisms
This session will show attendees how to use the 3DEXPERIENCE Motion app to build, validate, and test a mechanism. 90 Minutes Shrikant Savant
Hari Padmanabhan
3D Interconnect: Working with Non-Native SOLIDWORKS Data Working with non-native SOLIDWORKS content has been greatly improved in 2017 and 2018. This session will focus on capabilities and use cases of 3DInterconnect and how to apply them in real-world scenarios while working with non-native SOLIDWORKS content. 90 Minutes Utpal Kumar
3D Scanning: Accelerate Your Product Development Process Discover how 3D scanning can accelerate your product development process. In this session, you will learn about: 3D scanning and reverse engineering concepts 3D scanning applications in product lifecycle management 3D scanning in your SOLIDWORKS workflow Companies using 3D scanning 60 Minutes Simon Coté
5-1/2 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with PDM BOMs This session will explore the many different capabilities within the BOMs of SOLIDWORKS® PDM. Users and administrators of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional will learn little tricks to make documenting their BOMs faster and more efficient than ever before. 60 Minutes Jeff Sweeney
60 Macros in 60 Minutes Macros in SOLIDWORKS are a great way to perform tasks more efficiently and become a more valuable user. This fast-paced session will introduce the power of writing macros by showing 60 different macros ranging from very simple to very complex. 60 Minutes Ethan Kinney
60 Tips in 60 Minutes This session is guaranteed to be one of the most fast-paced and content-dense presentations at SOLIDWORKS World 2018. In 60 minutes, attendees are guaranteed to learn something new as we quickly show 60 modeling tips covering sketches, features, parts, and assemblies. 60 Minutes Stephen Petrock
Achieving Extreme SOLIDWORKS Performance: Modeling Methodology This session will present a case study in which part and assembly modeling techniques went wrong. Using standard SOLIDWORKS tools, attendees will discover the issues and how to correct them. With a set of production files, this session will show the mistakes and how to resolve them to increase performance. 90 Minutes Bryan Pawlak
Jordan Puentes
Acoustic Real-World Cases with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation This session demonstrates how noise prediction is a critical parameter to take into account in the evaluation of ventilation products. It will show how SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is used to validate the numerical results with lab tests. 60 Minutes Luiz Fernando Goncalves
Jose Pereiras
Additive vs Subtractive Manufacturing and Subtractive for Additive The third session of the Additive Manufacturing Symposium is all about answering the question "Additive or subtractive?" This question is crucial when designing a custom part. Both methods can create precise parts, but they have different benefits and considerations to keep in mind. Depending on the shape and ultimate application of your part, this decision could have a substantial effect on your part’s price, structure, and lead time. So, which method should you choose? Then Vivek Govekar from HCL Technologies will be discussing how additive and subtractive manufacturing can be used together to address some of the challenges of additive. He will also be showing the latest solution from CAMWorks for Additive Manufacturing. 60 Minutes Mark Rushton
Vivek Govekar
Greg Paulsen
Admin Image Basics This session will take a look at how easy it is to create, configure, and deploy a SOLIDWORKS® admin image. It highlights changes that streamline the installation of all SOLIDWORKS products including, PDM, Composer, Plastics, Electrical, and CAM. It will also look at the enhancements in the 2018 process. 90 Minutes Bryan Pawlak
Admin Portal and Online Licensing This session demonstrates the new Admin Portal and online licensing which are rolling out this year. Attendees will learn about the benefits and capabilities of these new tools. 60 Minutes Jeff Niederman
Advanced Assembly Mates in SOLIDWORKS 2018
SOLIDWORKS® 2018 continues to improve upon advanced mates which are designed to quickly assemble and convey motion of a project. This session will display the versatility of the Magnetic Mates, show the intuitive behavior of the Slot Mate, and demonstrate the Chain Component Pattern tool. 60 Minutes Tracy Wettig
Chris Brooking
Advanced Design through Manufacturing Using SOLIDWORKS This session will demonstrate how the latest SOLIDWORKS design through manufacturing technologies are helping engineers to quickly create prototypes, manufacturing firms to automate the CNC programming process, and product manufactures to leverage MBD DimXpert data to facilitate Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. 60 Minutes Victor Florindo
Marc Bissell
Advanced Hole: Feature and Callout
The Advanced Hole feature was added in SOLIDWORKS® 2017 with the ability to add a callout to the hole added in SOLIDWORKS 2018. This feature allows the creation of complicated holes based on a series of "elements" and applying a callout to the drawing that dictates the order of operations. 60 Minutes Jody Stiles
Advanced PDM Professional Data Cards
This session will take an in-depth look into some of the advanced capabilities and extra tasks that users can perform using SOLIDWORKS® PDM data cards. 60 Minutes Tom Cote
Michael DeKoning
All the Small Things: SOLIDWORKS Tips and Tricks This is an encore of the SLUGME (SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Event) presentation. If you missed it, or want to see it again, this is your chance. A fast-paced spin that covers a little bit of everything including: shortcuts, sheet metal, weldments, and more. 60 Minutes Todd Blacksher
Andy vs. Andy: Dueling Design Intent In this session, Andy Barnes will battle Andy Jaskey. As they both make the same parts, they will discuss the different approaches to modeling them and some of the pros and cons of using these methods. The real fun will come in round two when they hand off their parts to each other for edits. 60 Minutes Andy Jaskey
Andrew Barnes
An Interactive Panel Discussion on Model-Based Enterprise This session will explorer why many manufacturers are moving towards Model-Based Definition (MBD) and even MBE. The key question is how. Please join the panel and other manufacturers in this in-depth and interactive discussion about the lessons learned, best practices, and success stories. 60 Minutes Oboe Wu
Koka Veera Vara Prasad
API Customization for SOLIDWORKS CAM GUI
This session will show attendees how to improve their demos, make customers more productive, and increase the value of SOLIDWORKS CAM. 60 Minutes John Milbery
Applying Weldment Tools for a Bolted Structure Avoiding complexities of an assembly, this session will create a multi-body part driven by a top-down 3D Sketch, use Sketch Blocks for reference geometry, and some Weldment tools to create a bolted structure. The result is a model that is accurate, easy to modify, and with coordinated bolt hole locations. 90 Minutes Chris Scarlett
Assembly Accelerators
Eliminate repetitive workflows when designing assemblies. This session will demonstrate a variety of tools to help attendees work faster and smarter with assemblies. It touch on a variety of topics including mates, explode views, advanced selection tools, and more. 60 Minutes Nick Birkett-Smith
Atoms to Bits and Back Again: Design Productivity in the Age of Computational Intelligence, VR, and 3D Printing A confluence of transformational technologies like AI, VR, IoT, 3D scanning, and 3D printing promise a new era of design productivity, and a massive transformation of today’s design workflows. This session will explore these emerging technologies, and the use contexts for converged workflows that will enable, for example, AI-based rapid additive part manufacturing informed by real-time IoT sensors embedded in previous part iterations, and designed through remote virtual reality collaboration. 90 Minutes Sean Young
Augmented CircuitWorks
This session will show attendees how to use decals to show traces. They will also learn how to add, delete, or rename custom properties to components through component library; batch build CircuitWorks files using SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler; see how CircuitWorks now recognizes SOLIDWORKS features like Fillet, Chamfer, Hole, Linear Pattern, and Sketch Blocks. 60 Minutes Alecs Spiridon
Shailesh Badve
Beginners Surfacing This session is open to all SOLIDWORKS® users at this beginner's session. Join SOLIDWORKS Elite AE Toby Schnaars as he steps through the basics of what surface geometry really is, and why surfaces can and should be a fundamental part of every SOLIDWORKS user's tool chest. 90 Minutes Toby Schnaars
Benefits of Integrated CAM This session will cover the benefits of integrated CAM inside SOLIDWORKS®. It will cover the automation of CAM as it pertains to 2.5-axis milling and turning. This session will be an introduction to feature- and knowledge-based CAM and how it relates to streamlining day-to-day programming tasks. 60 Minutes CASEY FISCHER
Dana Castronova
Best Practices for the Top-Down/Skeleton Sketch Part Modeling Method Do you make changes at the end of a project and find them very time consuming? Do you use top-down modeling? Do you want to learn more about it? This session will demonstrate real-world examples of how to use the SSP method of top-down modeling efficiently and point out common issues to be aware of. 60 Minutes Grant Mattis
Best Practices in SOLIDWORKS Routing / SWE 3D
This session will present best practices for SOLIDWORKS Routing and SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Attendees will learn how to use the tool at a basic level. 60 Minutes Alecs Spiridon
Sameer Bondre
Beyond Connectivity, Realizing the Internet of Experiences This session will discuss the opportunity of IoT, beyond simple connectivity. From continuous and data-driven experience improvements for consumers, to seamless and highly relevant data flows for organizations and their value networks, allowing for efficient operations and manufacturing processes. 60 Minutes Julien Calviac
CAD Certifications: Just How Valuable Are They? This session will offer a thoughtful and engaging discussion on the value of CAD certifications, including SOLIDWORKS, for students and professionals. Data from a research study will be presented to justify the benefits of becoming SOLIDWORKS-certified. 60 Minutes Rustin Webster
Jeremy Clark
CAD Managers' Boot Camp CAD Managers' Boot Camp 240 Minutes
Changing Lives through Innovation and Technology This session will follow the story of a product built out of necessity as it evolves into something even its inventor could have never dreamed of. It presents a real-life example of the parallel paths that innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology have taken to ensure Icon Wheelchair’s customers experience the great outdoors. 60 Minutes Christian Bagg
Configuration Tips and Tricks: Make them Work for You and Save Time This session will look at ways to leverage configurations to save time in project completion. It will also introduce methods for increasing efficiency in Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings, as well as some tips on Additive Manufacturing. 60 Minutes Paul Ludwick
Configuring a Test Environment for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Database Replication This session will provide an overview of how to set up a test environment for one of the most significant new features in recent releases of SOLIDWORKS® PDM Professional. 60 Minutes Dometi Anil
Configuring SOLIDWORKS PDM to Work with Gmail or Office365 This session is your one-stop shop for getting PDM and SMTP emails to work properly with a cloud-based provider such as Gmail or Office365. PDM does not officially support these due to their encryption methods, but configuring it is simple using a relay server such as EmailRelay. 60 Minutes Peer Larson
Cool Tips and Great Tricks Want to learn how to increase your speed and productivity designing and assembling parts in SOLIDWORKS? This session will showcase cool tips and great tricks to free you to focus on creation and inspiration. 60 Minutes Ryan Priddy
Coping with Non-SOLIDWORKS Users’ Data Do you rely on CAD data from other users who refuse to acknowledge the awesomeness that is SOLIDWORKS?!? If you deal with 'other' CAD data, this session will walk you through strategies that help you rocket forward with your design without being slowed down by the CAD choice of outside users. 60 Minutes Brandon Nelms
Create Shockingly Fast Electrical Projects with SOLIDWORKS Electrical This session provides instruction on how to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical to create complete projects quickly and accurately. 60 Minutes Johnathen Lieber
Creating a Digital Thread with SOLIDWORKS MBD The value in adopting MBD is the ability to digital communicate designs from engineering to fabrication and inspection. This session will look at some of the successes and lessons learned in creating this digital thread. 60 Minutes Denise Fitzgerald
Creating Animations in SOLIDWORKS MotionManager
This session will show attendees how to choreograph and build an animation by arranging components and taking snapshots of them at key moments during a sequence of movement or change. 90 Minutes Jeff Niederman
Marlon Banta
Creating Data Bridges from Engineering Concept to Final Design This session will show attendees how to enable bi-directional links from engineering documents in Excel to drive data down to a CAD document. This data will then be linked to embedded design tables to control dimensional data. 60 Minutes Christopher Setzler
Creating SOLIDWORKS Skills Assessments and Internal Training Programs This session will focus on the speaker’s experience creating hands-on SOLIDWORKS skills assessments and development of an internal SOLIDWORKS user group at Power Drives. He will share things that are important to evaluating SOLIDWORKS skills for new hires and current users for training purposes. 60 Minutes Rick Braine
CSI: Assemblies – Investigating Crimes Against Assembly Performance
This session focuses on component speed investigation. Attendees will become a true detective and learn how to use cutting-edge forensic tools to solve the most mysterious cases of poor assembly performance! 60 Minutes Chris Brooking
Nick Birkett-Smith
DELMIA Introduction to 3D Experience – Breakout Designs that are created on the 3D Experience platform need to be manufactured using traditional processes. DELMIA is the NC solution the leverages content built-in 3D Experience. Users attending this session will get a first-hand look at the worlds leading CAM system and how they can leverage its technology to automate the design to manufacturing process. 60 Minutes NC Kishore
DELMIA Introduction to 3D Experience – Hands-on
Designs that are created on the 3D Experience platform need to be manufactured using traditional processes. DELMIA is the NC solution the leverages content built-in 3D Experience. Users attending this session will get a first-hand look at the worlds leading CAM system and how they can leverage its technology to automate the design to manufacturing process. 60 Minutes NC Kishore
Demystifying Admin Images: Installing Smarter, not Harder On the fence about Admin Images? How does “one-click, consistent installations” sound? This introductory session will explore how to create, customize, and deploy a SOLIDWORKS® Admin Image for the first time and for upgrades. Unless you're hourly, install on multiple machines in record time! 60 Minutes Tracy Wettig
Design and Fabrication Projects using SOLIDWORKS This session will show how to design and make projects in a Fab Lab setting that incorporate SOLIDWORKS. Projects can be individual or collaborative and each project has SOLIDWORKS as a key design tool. 60 Minutes Ben Nuebel
Paul Clinton
Design for Additive Manufacturing and the Future of 3D Printing This is the second session of the additive manufacturing symposium. It features two very special guest speakers who are at the forefront of additive manufacturing. They are Terry Wohlers of Wohlers Associates and Tim Simpson of Penn State University. Wohlers is the leading analyst and consultant in AM, and has served as the voice of the industry for more than two decades. Simpson is the Paul Morrow Professor in Engineering and Manufacturing and one of the leading experts in AM technology and the design of 3D-printed metal parts. 60 Minutes Terry Wohlers
Mark Rushton
Tim Simpson
Design Has To Be More Than CAD: Introducing SOLIDWORKS xDesign Innovative ideas come up unexpectedly and designers today demand mobility and instant availability. SOLIDWORKS xDesign – a full browser based CAD and product development offering - lets you work anytime, anywhere from any device. Its Design Guidance introduces innovative design methodologies while cloud aspect helps you collaborate with your whole eco system. 60 Minutes Milos Zupanski
Bogdan-Florentin Taranu
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