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20th Annual SWUGN Summit We invite you to join over 100 user group leaders and officers at the annual SWUGN Summit meeting at SOLIDWORKS World. This session will look back at some of the history and people responsible for creating the greatest user community in the CAD industry. There will be some very special guests to help us celebrate this milestone. If you would like to hear more about SWUGN, learn about the benefits of belonging to a local SOLIDWORKS User Group Chapter, and have some fun in the process, join us at the very special Monday afternoon meeting. The 20th Annual SWUGN meeting will be held on Monday, February 11th, 2019. 90 Minutes
3DEXPERIENCE Labs Startup Accelerator - Office Hours and Pitch Practice If you have a startup or startup idea and would like to get feedback and guidance from top local entrepreneurs, then join this exclusive and public "Startup Office Hours" event. Attendees will have the opportunity to pitch expert CEO mentors and ask them questions about their business strategy, key decisions, next steps and more. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how experienced entrepreneurs would tackle the problems you or others are facing. People who don't participate can still watch and learn from the public feedback. There will also be an open Q&A session with the Mentors. 90 Minutes Greg Smith
3DExperience Marketplace Presentation Discover 3DExperience Marketplace, how it works and how they can help you to make, think or find parts directly inside SOLIDWORKS. 90 Minutes Benoit Schildknecht
3DExperience Marketplace Presentation Discover 3DExperience Marketplace, how it works and how they can help you to make, think or find parts directly inside SOLIDWORKS. 90 Minutes Benoit Schildknecht
3DEXPERIENCE PLM Collaboration Services Hands-On
During this hands-on session, you will be participating as a design engineering in a use case that will introduce you to the capabilities of 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Collaboration Services. 60 Minutes Mohit DAGA
Susan Lenzi
Bill Briggs
Joey Church
3DEXPERIENCE PLM Collaboration Services Hands-On - Repeat
During this hands-on session, you will be participating as a design engineering in a use case that will introduce you to the capabilities of 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Collaboration Services. 90 Minutes Mohit DAGA
Joey Church
Bill Briggs
Susan Lenzi
3D Interconnect 101 (Hands-On Session)
This session presents different possibilities to make your data translation successful and which tool helps achieve that goal. This will assist in setting correct expectations based on the data you receive and send out. This session also describes common mistakes and how to avoid them. 60 Minutes Cyril Gauvrit
3D Printing: Powering Innovation - from the Classroom to Outer Space In virtually every discipline, researchers strive to answer complex questions and educate tomorrow's innovators. This session demonstrates how 3D printing is helping industries accomplish more than they ever dreamed and how to align for the 3D printing revolution of tomorrow. 60 Minutes Mark Walker
Ohad Meyuhas
Gina Scala
60 Tips in 60 Minutes – 3rd Edition This session is guaranteed to be one of the most fast-paced and content-dense presentations at SOLIDWORKS World 2019. In 60 minutes, attendees are guaranteed to learn something new as we quickly show 60 modeling tips covering sketches, features, parts, and assemblies. So many tips, in just an hour. 60 Minutes Stephen Petrock
6 Admin Tools - 1 Presentation Collecting several CAD Administrators tools in a single high-level break out session, attendees will learn the uses and benefits of each. Tools include: Administrative Image Option Editor, SOLIDWORKS Settings Administrator, FlexNet Option File, SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal, CAD Admin Dashboard, and SOLIDWORKS Rx. 60 Minutes Jeff Niederman
A CAD Journey: From 2D Drawings to 3D Models to Simulation This session shows how to seamlessly move from plan 2D images to 3D drawings in DraftSight, onto 3D models and simulations in SOLIDWORKS, or beautiful renders in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Join us for 90 minutes of CAD Interoperability fun. 60 Minutes Andreas Kulik
Accelerating Your Business and Design Process through Digital Transformation This session will demonstrate how to accelerate your deign and business processes with the SOLIDWORKS and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. 60 Minutes Jeremy Bernabeu
David Mann
Michel Monsellier
Achieving Extreme SOLIDWORKS Performance This session is a continuation of the extensive performance testing that CATI has performed for the last several years. This session looks at some of the newest workstation hardware and some of the latest software improvements to help you select the best workstation for your needs. 60 Minutes Bryan Pawlak
Bob McGaughey
Additive Manufacturing Triple Session The Additive Manufacturing Symposium is a series of presentations from thought-leaders, researchers, subject matter experts and SOLIDWORKS customers to inspire and inform about all things Additive. Session 1 includes an introduction from SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA. 10:30AM - Additive Manufacturing: State of the Industry 11:00AM - Leveraging Additive Manufacturing for Injection Mold Tooling 11:45AM - Additive Manufacturing Opportunities for the Production Floor 90 Minutes Terry Wohlers
Ramesh Lakshmipathy
Jeff Osman
Gianluca Mattaroccia
Administering Toolbox This session demonstrates how to manage the toolbox, customize, SOLIDWORKS PDM and manual upgrade methods. 60 Minutes John Van Engen
A Hands-On Experience with SOLIDWORKS Plastics
Raise awareness about the power, scope and ease of use of SOLIDWORKS Plastics. This session provides a hands-on experience of the most commonly-used capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Plastics. 90 Minutes Gajanand Naxne
All About Appearances This session presents an overview of everything that can influence what your models look like, from basic colors and decals to advanced appearance settings. This session demonstrates the performance impact of these settings on both SOLIDWORKS 3D and drawings, as well as tools to manage and troubleshoot appearances. 60 Minutes Charlie Preston
All About SOLIDWORKS External References
This session describes how to create and use External References. It also describes how to create, lock/unlock and visualize external references, and describes enhancements added in SOLIDWORKS 2019 to external references dialogs and their operations from tree control. 60 Minutes Pushpak Pandit
All about Tolerance-Based Machining Tolerances cause headaches... whether you are a designer or fabricator you can likely relate. SOLIDWORKS CAM relieves some stress by allowing CNC programmers to easily adjust their approach based on feature tolerances. This session covers how to make good parts, faster, with Tolerance-Based Machining (TBM). 60 Minutes Marc Bissell
Tyler Reid
Animate your Creation with SOLIDWORKS Composer
Come, find out how to make complex animations in SOLIDWORKS Composer. This session provides examples of various types of animations and tips and tricks to create them. 60 Minutes Sandip Dumbare
Appearance Deep Dive: Take Your Visualize Models to the Next Level
This session takes an in-depth look at SOLIDWORKS Visualize' s Appearance settings. From basic texture mapping to creating advanced Multi-Layer appearances, this session covers all you need to know to bring your renders to the next level. 60 Minutes Kristina Dougherty
Applying Advanced Design for Additive Methodologies This session demonstrates how to apply advanced design for additive methodologies to revolutionize part production. From design for functionality to mass custom manufacturing as well as significant part count reduction, attendees will hear from one of the best in application engineering. 60 Minutes Bryan Newbrite
A Real-World Topology Case Study Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation In this session, we will present three cases using the new Feature of SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION. These cases are validated with lab tests and comparison with results is presented by Simulation. We will make the presentation across 3 industries: automotive, agricultural and custom choppers. 60 Minutes Luiz Fernando Goncalves
Jose Trilha De Carvalho
Jose Pereiras
“Art to Part”, Accelerate your Development Timeline Using our Proven Development Work Flow, Wacom to SOLIDWORKS to Stratasys Follow the story of Jesse and Marc as they design, prototype and build the eFoil. a powered hydrofoil wakeboard using SOLIDWORKS pen sketching tools on Wacom devices, adding 3D Textures and deal with scan data in SOLIDWORKS 2019, and then dive into preparations for printing using Stratasys equipment. Watch them ride the final product around a lake in Minnesota and see the physical prototype wakeboards in person. 90 Minutes Marc McCauley
Jesse Hahne
ASME vs ISO GPS GD&T Standards: MBD Applications to Eliminate Confusion This session explains the main differences between the ISO and ASME GD&T standards to eliminate uncertainties and confusion in the technical product documentation. Watch practical Model-Based Definition applications in SOLIDWORKS MBD and learn its intelligent GD&T rule checking. 60 Minutes Alessandro Tornincasa
Assembly Management: Capturing Need vs. Want
Lighten the computational impact of your assemblies by swapping out heavyweight components with their featherweight doppelgangers. This session explores and demonstrate3s the settings involved with SpeedPak, enhancements to Save as Part (SOLIDWORKS 2019), and Defeature for Assemblies (a new enhancement to SW2019). 60 Minutes Tracy Wettig
Chris Brooking
Atoms to Bits, and Back Again: Emerging Technology and the Role of the Engineer We are in the midst of a transformation to Industry 4.0, made possible by the newfound ability of design data to originate as either atoms (physical) or bits (digital), be converged, refined and optimized, and then be recast as “new and improved” iterations of their original selves. This sessions will cover the disruptive forces behind this shift to Iindustry 4.0, including: • Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D scanning: data collection everywhere, driven by declining manufacturing costs and ubiquitous connectivity • Artificial intelligence (AI): prediction-based design and interactive photoreal visualization, driven by parallel processing and scaling, along with the mass availability of data • Virtual reality (VR): design immersion, driven by GPU performance and low-cost head-mounted displays • Real-time engineering simulation that enables evaluation of design modifications much earlier in the product design process • Additive manufacturing: 3D printing, driven by improvements in quality, new materials, and reduced operating costs 60 Minutes Sean Young
Andrew Rink
Automated Design Exploration: Close the Gap Between R&D and QA with CORTIME Automated design exploration is the unsung hero of R&D. It will help you meet your design requirements faster; give you invaluable insight about how your variables affect your objectives; and its robust design analysis will make you employee of the month in your QA department – every month. This session will change your view on design exploration. 60 Minutes Rasmus Hoetoft
Automate Folder and File Creation with Templates in SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro
In this session shows how to take advantage of the template function in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. This bit of automation helps with many clerical type tasks and provides some much needed continuity and control in their PDM system. 90 Minutes Tim Paris
Automating SOLIDWORKS Assemblies Using Reference Geometry and API This session demonstrates automating Assembly creation and Mates by using Reference Geometry in Templates and the API in SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS. 60 Minutes Eric Schwieterman
Automating the Assessment of Drawings: An Approach Using the SOLIDWORKS API This session presents a philosophy for assessing engineering drawings. Based on this, it outlines an automated approach using the SOLIDWORKS API to extract information from the drawing and solid model. This is developed into a procedure to assess and mark a large number of student drawings. 60 Minutes David Nobes
Bearded Beer Geeks Tips & Tricks Doc. Dean Kerste & Edson Gebo, avid craft beer geeks, will show a variety of tips & tricks that will help your workflow & get you to think outside the box in modeling with SOLIDWORKS. This session finishes with an interesting, engaging, and philosophical view of “The Evolution of Design". 90 Minutes Dean Kerste
Edson Gebo
Beginners Surfacing for Beginners All SOLIDWORKS users are welcome at this beginner's session. Join SOLIDWORKS expert Toby Schnaars as he steps through the basics of what surface geometry really is, and why surfaces can and should be a fundamental part of every SOLIDWORKS user's tool chest. 90 Minutes Toby Schnaars
Benefits of Integrated CAM This session examines the relationship between CAD and CAM software as it pertains to 2.5-axis milling and turning. This session is an introduction to feature and knowledge-based CAM and how it relates to streamlining day-to-day programming and validation tasks. 60 Minutes Dana Castronova
Casey Fischer
Beyond PDM Standard - Expand those Workflows like a Pro!
This hands-on session for vault administrators presents a walkthrough of the expansion from one workflow to many. If your usage of PDM Professional is evolving or you are considering a product upgrade from PDM Standard, then you will want to streamline this process. Come learn how the pros do it. 60 Minutes Lisa Hughey
Beyond the View – Embed Efficiency in SOLIDWORKS Drawings
Reduce the frequency of exclaiming “Why do I have to do this every time? SOLIDWORKS should just know!!” Attendees will run back to update their drawing templates and libraries after this collection of tips and tricks which will help your users automate the tedious “necessary evils” within drawings. 60 Minutes Tracy Wettig
Blurring the Lines between ECAD and MCAD with Precision Additive Fabrication With the advent of precision additive Printed Circuit Board fabrication, the future of PCB design will allow designers to blur the lines between mechanical and electrical worlds and take a radically different 3D approach to their PCBs versus the historical, independent 2D design approach. 60 Minutes Josh MOORE
Timothy Sheehan
BOMs Are Us
Bills of Materials in SOLIDWORKS have many functions that allow you to make BOM Tables how you like. However, they are complex and it is hard to know everything. This session teaches about BOM Table functionality that will expand your capabilities and leverage SOLIDWORKS functionality. 60 Minutes Matthew Lorono
Boost the power of DraftSight by connecting it to other applications This session provides information about interoperability features in DraftSight. It demonstrates how to use these interoperability features and exchange data with other applications. In addition, some of the UI-related API will be discussed and its usage will be demonstrated. 90 Minutes Ram Chilukuri
Boston Scientific & Global Design Teams How Boston Scientific's implementation of VMware and NVIDIA Grid has enabled design around the globe. 60 Minutes Bob Anderson
Matt Shedlov
Bring Designs to Life with SOLIDWORKS Visualize and NVIDIA Quadro RTX NVIDIA achieved the most significant computer graphics advancement in a decade with the new Turing GPU architecture and Quadro RTX platform. This technology empowers users to transform their product deliverables with instant creation of cinema quality visualization during design iteration. 60 Minutes Brian HILLNER
Andrew Rink
Building an Unbreakable Model: Laying the Foundation Don’t jump into your model blind! This session shares the speaker's process for developing a game plan to tackle complex projects and produce robust and adjustable models. Then, through live examples it covers tips for managing relations and keeping complex Feature trees under control. 60 Minutes Ryan Navarro
Building the Future of STEM for Less Than 50 Dollars This session discusses the student initiative EKGAR—Every Kid Gets A Robot—by a FIRST Robotics Competition mentor and a student. The focus will be on the impact that this less than $50 robot has on kids, as well as how it was created and is used to attract student interest in SOLIDWORKS. 90 Minutes Dakshesh Daruri
Danielle Boyer
Build Stunning Online Shopping Experiences from CAD Models with SOLIDWORKS Sell Online shopping has been widely adopted across the globe. How can manufacturers ride on this growing trend? This session demonstrates how SOLIDWORKS Sell can help repurpose your CAD models into 3D online configurable products for sales and marketing. 90 Minutes Oboe Wu
CAD Manager's Bootcamp CAD Manager's Bootcamp 240 Minutes
Calculating the Incalculable: Using Design Studies to Get What You Need This session demonstrates the utility of design studies when trying to derive the cavity volume for a novel power generation expander called a PRE. Two design studies are used to predict and verify the cavity volume equation. 60 Minutes Joe James
Certifications Panel Discussion Come ask questions and learn more about the SOLIDWORKS Certification process including benefits of getting certified, preparation and test taking tips, and more from the head of the certifications team and two of the most certified application experts in the world. Be the first to learn about two new certification exams being announced and walk away with a free exam credit. 60 Minutes Mike Puckett
Jake Bowen
Ryan Zeck
Marcus Brown
Charging Up your Schematics with SOLIDWORKS Electrical This will be a fast-paced tips/tricks session on SOLIDWORKS Electrical. It will address the common frustrations/objections users have when starting to use the software, as well as some of the best ways to alleviate those problems. 60 Minutes Garrett Klein
Collaborate Intelligently and Seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector This session focuses on the features and capabilities of the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector: - Improving the mechanical designer’s experience with ECAD data. - Enhancing the mechanical-oriented workflow between SOLIDWORKS CAD and SOLIDWORKS PCB. 90 Minutes Josh MOORE
Karishma Dcosta
Concept to Manufacturing: Multibody to Assembly Staying profitable requires controlling CAD detail as a project progresses from concept to manufacturing and seamlessly handing off from one department to the next. This session reveals a workflow that adds just enough detail required for each design phase and eventually arrives at a full-featured assembly. 60 Minutes Justin Maxwell
Randy Simmons
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