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20th Annual SWUGN Summit We invite you to join over 100 user group leaders and officers at the annual SWUGN Summit meeting at SOLIDWORKS World. This session will look back at some of the history and people responsible for creating the greatest user community in the CAD industry. There will be some very special guests to help us celebrate this milestone. If you would like to hear more about SWUGN, learn about the benefits of belonging to a local SOLIDWORKS User Group Chapter, and have some fun in the process, join us at the very special Monday afternoon meeting. The 20th Annual SWUGN meeting will be held on Monday, February 11th, 2019. 90 Minutes
3DEXPERIENCE Labs Startup Accelerator - Office Hours and Pitch Practice If you have a startup or startup idea and would like to get feedback and guidance from top local entrepreneurs, then join this exclusive and public "Startup Office Hours" event. Attendees will have the opportunity to pitch expert CEO mentors and ask them questions about their business strategy, key decisions, next steps and more. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how experienced entrepreneurs would tackle the problems you or others are facing. People who don't participate can still watch and learn from the public feedback. There will also be an open Q&A session with the Mentors. 90 Minutes Greg Smith
3DExperience Marketplace Presentation Discover 3DExperience Marketplace, how it works and how they can help you to make, think or find parts directly inside SOLIDWORKS. 90 Minutes Benoit Schildknecht
3DExperience Marketplace Presentation Discover 3DExperience Marketplace, how it works and how they can help you to make, think or find parts directly inside SOLIDWORKS. 90 Minutes Benoit Schildknecht
3DEXPERIENCE PLM Collaboration Services Hands-On
During this hands-on session, you will be participating as a design engineering in a use case that will introduce you to the capabilities of 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Collaboration Services. 60 Minutes Mohit DAGA
Susan Lenzi
Bill Briggs
Joey Church
3DEXPERIENCE PLM Collaboration Services Hands-On - Repeat
During this hands-on session, you will be participating as a design engineering in a use case that will introduce you to the capabilities of 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Collaboration Services. 90 Minutes Mohit DAGA
Joey Church
Bill Briggs
Susan Lenzi
3D Interconnect 101 (Hands-On Session)
This session presents different possibilities to make your data translation successful and which tool helps achieve that goal. This will assist in setting correct expectations based on the data you receive and send out. This session also describes common mistakes and how to avoid them. 60 Minutes Cyril Gauvrit
3D Printing: Powering Innovation - from the Classroom to Outer Space In virtually every discipline, researchers strive to answer complex questions and educate tomorrow's innovators. This session demonstrates how 3D printing is helping industries accomplish more than they ever dreamed and how to align for the 3D printing revolution of tomorrow. 60 Minutes Mark Walker
Ohad Meyuhas
Gina Scala
60 Tips in 60 Minutes – 3rd Edition This session is guaranteed to be one of the most fast-paced and content-dense presentations at SOLIDWORKS World 2019. In 60 minutes, attendees are guaranteed to learn something new as we quickly show 60 modeling tips covering sketches, features, parts, and assemblies. So many tips, in just an hour. 60 Minutes Stephen Petrock
6 Admin Tools - 1 Presentation Collecting several CAD Administrators tools in a single high-level break out session, attendees will learn the uses and benefits of each. Tools include: Administrative Image Option Editor, SOLIDWORKS Settings Administrator, FlexNet Option File, SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal, CAD Admin Dashboard, and SOLIDWORKS Rx. 60 Minutes Jeff Niederman
A CAD Journey: From 2D Drawings to 3D Models to Simulation This session shows how to seamlessly move from plan 2D images to 3D drawings in DraftSight, onto 3D models and simulations in SOLIDWORKS, or beautiful renders in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Join us for 90 minutes of CAD Interoperability fun. 60 Minutes Andreas Kulik
Accelerating Your Business and Design Process through Digital Transformation This session will demonstrate how to accelerate your deign and business processes with the SOLIDWORKS and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. 60 Minutes Jeremy Bernabeu
David Mann
Michel Monsellier
Achieving Extreme SOLIDWORKS Performance This session is a continuation of the extensive performance testing that CATI has performed for the last several years. This session looks at some of the newest workstation hardware and some of the latest software improvements to help you select the best workstation for your needs. 60 Minutes Bryan Pawlak
Bob McGaughey
Additive Manufacturing Triple Session The Additive Manufacturing Symposium is a series of presentations from thought-leaders, researchers, subject matter experts and SOLIDWORKS customers to inspire and inform about all things Additive. Session 1 includes an introduction from SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA. 10:30AM - Additive Manufacturing: State of the Industry 11:00AM - Leveraging Additive Manufacturing for Injection Mold Tooling 11:45AM - Additive Manufacturing Opportunities for the Production Floor 90 Minutes Terry Wohlers
Ramesh Lakshmipathy
Jeff Osman
Gianluca Mattaroccia
Administering Toolbox This session demonstrates how to manage the toolbox, customize, SOLIDWORKS PDM and manual upgrade methods. 60 Minutes John Van Engen
A Hands-On Experience with SOLIDWORKS Plastics
Raise awareness about the power, scope and ease of use of SOLIDWORKS Plastics. This session provides a hands-on experience of the most commonly-used capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Plastics. 90 Minutes Gajanand Naxne
All About Appearances This session presents an overview of everything that can influence what your models look like, from basic colors and decals to advanced appearance settings. This session demonstrates the performance impact of these settings on both SOLIDWORKS 3D and drawings, as well as tools to manage and troubleshoot appearances. 60 Minutes Charlie Preston
All About SOLIDWORKS External References
This session describes how to create and use External References. It also describes how to create, lock/unlock and visualize external references, and describes enhancements added in SOLIDWORKS 2019 to external references dialogs and their operations from tree control. 60 Minutes Pushpak Pandit
All about Tolerance-Based Machining Tolerances cause headaches... whether you are a designer or fabricator you can likely relate. SOLIDWORKS CAM relieves some stress by allowing CNC programmers to easily adjust their approach based on feature tolerances. This session covers how to make good parts, faster, with Tolerance-Based Machining (TBM). 60 Minutes Marc Bissell
Tyler Reid
Animate your Creation with SOLIDWORKS Composer
Come, find out how to make complex animations in SOLIDWORKS Composer. This session provides examples of various types of animations and tips and tricks to create them. 60 Minutes Sandip Dumbare
Appearance Deep Dive: Take Your Visualize Models to the Next Level
This session takes an in-depth look at SOLIDWORKS Visualize' s Appearance settings. From basic texture mapping to creating advanced Multi-Layer appearances, this session covers all you need to know to bring your renders to the next level. 60 Minutes Kristina Dougherty
Applying Advanced Design for Additive Methodologies This session demonstrates how to apply advanced design for additive methodologies to revolutionize part production. From design for functionality to mass custom manufacturing as well as significant part count reduction, attendees will hear from one of the best in application engineering. 60 Minutes Bryan Newbrite
A Real-World Topology Case Study Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation In this session, we will present three cases using the new Feature of SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION. These cases are validated with lab tests and comparison with results is presented by Simulation. We will make the presentation across 3 industries: automotive, agricultural and custom choppers. 60 Minutes Luiz Fernando Goncalves
Jose Trilha De Carvalho
Jose Pereiras
“Art to Part”, Accelerate your Development Timeline Using our Proven Development Work Flow, Wacom to SOLIDWORKS to Stratasys Follow the story of Jesse and Marc as they design, prototype and build the eFoil. a powered hydrofoil wakeboard using SOLIDWORKS pen sketching tools on Wacom devices, adding 3D Textures and deal with scan data in SOLIDWORKS 2019, and then dive into preparations for printing using Stratasys equipment. Watch them ride the final product around a lake in Minnesota and see the physical prototype wakeboards in person. 90 Minutes Marc McCauley
Jesse Hahne
ASME vs ISO GPS GD&T Standards: MBD Applications to Eliminate Confusion This session explains the main differences between the ISO and ASME GD&T standards to eliminate uncertainties and confusion in the technical product documentation. Watch practical Model-Based Definition applications in SOLIDWORKS MBD and learn its intelligent GD&T rule checking. 60 Minutes Alessandro Tornincasa
Assembly Management: Capturing Need vs. Want
Lighten the computational impact of your assemblies by swapping out heavyweight components with their featherweight doppelgangers. This session explores and demonstrate3s the settings involved with SpeedPak, enhancements to Save as Part (SOLIDWORKS 2019), and Defeature for Assemblies (a new enhancement to SW2019). 60 Minutes Tracy Wettig
Chris Brooking
Atoms to Bits, and Back Again: Emerging Technology and the Role of the Engineer We are in the midst of a transformation to Industry 4.0, made possible by the newfound ability of design data to originate as either atoms (physical) or bits (digital), be converged, refined and optimized, and then be recast as “new and improved” iterations of their original selves. This sessions will cover the disruptive forces behind this shift to Iindustry 4.0, including: • Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D scanning: data collection everywhere, driven by declining manufacturing costs and ubiquitous connectivity • Artificial intelligence (AI): prediction-based design and interactive photoreal visualization, driven by parallel processing and scaling, along with the mass availability of data • Virtual reality (VR): design immersion, driven by GPU performance and low-cost head-mounted displays • Real-time engineering simulation that enables evaluation of design modifications much earlier in the product design process • Additive manufacturing: 3D printing, driven by improvements in quality, new materials, and reduced operating costs 60 Minutes Sean Young
Andrew Rink
Automated Design Exploration: Close the Gap Between R&D and QA with CORTIME Automated design exploration is the unsung hero of R&D. It will help you meet your design requirements faster; give you invaluable insight about how your variables affect your objectives; and its robust design analysis will make you employee of the month in your QA department – every month. This session will change your view on design exploration. 60 Minutes Rasmus Hoetoft
Automate Folder and File Creation with Templates in SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro
In this session shows how to take advantage of the template function in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. This bit of automation helps with many clerical type tasks and provides some much needed continuity and control in their PDM system. 90 Minutes Tim Paris
Automating SOLIDWORKS Assemblies Using Reference Geometry and API This session demonstrates automating Assembly creation and Mates by using Reference Geometry in Templates and the API in SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS. 60 Minutes Eric Schwieterman
Automating the Assessment of Drawings: An Approach Using the SOLIDWORKS API This session presents a philosophy for assessing engineering drawings. Based on this, it outlines an automated approach using the SOLIDWORKS API to extract information from the drawing and solid model. This is developed into a procedure to assess and mark a large number of student drawings. 60 Minutes David Nobes
Bearded Beer Geeks Tips & Tricks Doc. Dean Kerste & Edson Gebo, avid craft beer geeks, will show a variety of tips & tricks that will help your workflow & get you to think outside the box in modeling with SOLIDWORKS. This session finishes with an interesting, engaging, and philosophical view of “The Evolution of Design". 90 Minutes Dean Kerste
Edson Gebo
Beginners Surfacing for Beginners All SOLIDWORKS users are welcome at this beginner's session. Join SOLIDWORKS expert Toby Schnaars as he steps through the basics of what surface geometry really is, and why surfaces can and should be a fundamental part of every SOLIDWORKS user's tool chest. 90 Minutes Toby Schnaars
Benefits of Integrated CAM This session examines the relationship between CAD and CAM software as it pertains to 2.5-axis milling and turning. This session is an introduction to feature and knowledge-based CAM and how it relates to streamlining day-to-day programming and validation tasks. 60 Minutes Dana Castronova
Casey Fischer
Beyond PDM Standard - Expand those Workflows like a Pro!
This hands-on session for vault administrators presents a walkthrough of the expansion from one workflow to many. If your usage of PDM Professional is evolving or you are considering a product upgrade from PDM Standard, then you will want to streamline this process. Come learn how the pros do it. 60 Minutes Lisa Hughey
Beyond the View – Embed Efficiency in SOLIDWORKS Drawings
Reduce the frequency of exclaiming “Why do I have to do this every time? SOLIDWORKS should just know!!” Attendees will run back to update their drawing templates and libraries after this collection of tips and tricks which will help your users automate the tedious “necessary evils” within drawings. 60 Minutes Tracy Wettig
Blurring the Lines between ECAD and MCAD with Precision Additive Fabrication With the advent of precision additive Printed Circuit Board fabrication, the future of PCB design will allow designers to blur the lines between mechanical and electrical worlds and take a radically different 3D approach to their PCBs versus the historical, independent 2D design approach. 60 Minutes Josh MOORE
Timothy Sheehan
BOMs Are Us
Bills of Materials in SOLIDWORKS have many functions that allow you to make BOM Tables how you like. However, they are complex and it is hard to know everything. This session teaches about BOM Table functionality that will expand your capabilities and leverage SOLIDWORKS functionality. 60 Minutes Matthew Lorono
Boost the power of DraftSight by connecting it to other applications This session provides information about interoperability features in DraftSight. It demonstrates how to use these interoperability features and exchange data with other applications. In addition, some of the UI-related API will be discussed and its usage will be demonstrated. 90 Minutes Ram Chilukuri
Boston Scientific & Global Design Teams How Boston Scientific's implementation of VMware and NVIDIA Grid has enabled design around the globe. 60 Minutes Bob Anderson
Matt Shedlov
Bring Designs to Life with SOLIDWORKS Visualize and NVIDIA Quadro RTX NVIDIA achieved the most significant computer graphics advancement in a decade with the new Turing GPU architecture and Quadro RTX platform. This technology empowers users to transform their product deliverables with instant creation of cinema quality visualization during design iteration. 60 Minutes Brian HILLNER
Andrew Rink
Building an Unbreakable Model: Laying the Foundation Don’t jump into your model blind! This session shares the speaker's process for developing a game plan to tackle complex projects and produce robust and adjustable models. Then, through live examples it covers tips for managing relations and keeping complex Feature trees under control. 60 Minutes Ryan Navarro
Building the Future of STEM for Less Than 50 Dollars This session discusses the student initiative EKGAR—Every Kid Gets A Robot—by a FIRST Robotics Competition mentor and a student. The focus will be on the impact that this less than $50 robot has on kids, as well as how it was created and is used to attract student interest in SOLIDWORKS. 90 Minutes Dakshesh Daruri
Danielle Boyer
Build Stunning Online Shopping Experiences from CAD Models with SOLIDWORKS Sell Online shopping has been widely adopted across the globe. How can manufacturers ride on this growing trend? This session demonstrates how SOLIDWORKS Sell can help repurpose your CAD models into 3D online configurable products for sales and marketing. 90 Minutes Oboe Wu
CAD Manager's Bootcamp CAD Manager's Bootcamp 240 Minutes
Calculating the Incalculable: Using Design Studies to Get What You Need This session demonstrates the utility of design studies when trying to derive the cavity volume for a novel power generation expander called a PRE. Two design studies are used to predict and verify the cavity volume equation. 60 Minutes Joe James
Certifications Panel Discussion Come ask questions and learn more about the SOLIDWORKS Certification process including benefits of getting certified, preparation and test taking tips, and more from the head of the certifications team and two of the most certified application experts in the world. Be the first to learn about two new certification exams being announced and walk away with a free exam credit. 60 Minutes Mike Puckett
Jake Bowen
Ryan Zeck
Marcus Brown
Charging Up your Schematics with SOLIDWORKS Electrical This will be a fast-paced tips/tricks session on SOLIDWORKS Electrical. It will address the common frustrations/objections users have when starting to use the software, as well as some of the best ways to alleviate those problems. 60 Minutes Garrett Klein
Collaborate Intelligently and Seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector This session focuses on the features and capabilities of the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector: - Improving the mechanical designer’s experience with ECAD data. - Enhancing the mechanical-oriented workflow between SOLIDWORKS CAD and SOLIDWORKS PCB. 90 Minutes Josh MOORE
Karishma Dcosta
Concept to Manufacturing: Multibody to Assembly Staying profitable requires controlling CAD detail as a project progresses from concept to manufacturing and seamlessly handing off from one department to the next. This session reveals a workflow that adds just enough detail required for each design phase and eventually arrives at a full-featured assembly. 60 Minutes Justin Maxwell
Randy Simmons
Configuration Publisher - Hands-On
Learn how to create a Toolbox-like interface for your own configurable models. This session walks through exercises using the Configuration Publisher to add your own pre-defined parameters to configurable models. 60 Minutes Jeff Niederman
Marlon Banta
Considerations for Artificial Intelligence Workflows in Manufacturing Curious about Artificial Intelligence but don’t know where to begin? This interactive session will talk about AI use cases and hardware considerations in manufacturing and provide guidance on practical ways to get started on your AI journey. 60 Minutes Michael Leach
Coping with Non-SOLIDWORKS Users’ Data Do you rely on CAD data from other users who refuse to acknowledge the awesomeness that is SOLIDWORKS??!? If you deal with “other” CAD data, this session will walk you through strategies that help you rocket forward with your design without being slowed down by their CAD choice. 60 Minutes Brandon Nelms
Coverings for SOLIDWORKS Routing and Electrical: As You Need It!
SOLIDWORKS Routing 2019 allows users to add Partial Coverings or insulation in one effort with a dedicated property manager without splitting the route segment. The Fixed Length Covering functionality supports all routing modules including SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, Electrical Cabling, Tubing and Piping. 60 Minutes Sameer Bondre
Shailesh Badve
Creating a Culture of Innovation in Education - Panel Discussion In this panel teachers will discuss how they have created a culture to allow teachers and students to be innovative. Topics include SOLIDWORKS certifications for high school students, teaching design for real-world projects and developing an innovation mindset. 60 Minutes Pierre Devaux
Paul Clinton
Ross Ericson
Douglas Lecorchick
Jared Merrill
Ben Nuebel
Creating CAD Structures Using the Treehouse Application
This hands-on session covers how SOLIDWORKS Treehouse can be used to easily and quickly create and edit a CAD structure using the Treehouse application. This session describes all of the product’s options, settings and behaviors including new enhancements that were added in 2019. 60 Minutes Shyam Anasane
Michael Newell
Creating Custom Symbology in SOLIDWORKS Drawings
Every year SOLIDWORKS adds new symbols for use in drawings, be them industry-specific or a part of Industrial Standards. This session discusses how to add any custom symbols to drawings. Come learn how to make, share and modify your custom symbols to really make your drawings shine! 60 Minutes Colin Murphy
Creating Great Content with SOLIDWORKS Electrical This session provides a technical overview of how to successfully create symbols, build libraries, generate templates, make 3D models "electrically intelligent," and utilize other important features within SOLIDWORKS Electrical. 90 Minutes JP Emanuele
Creating Tech Pubs from Building Blocks with SOLIDWORKS Composer
Have fun with SOLIDWORKS models of childhood building blocks and learn how to publish static and interactive content with SOLIDWORKS Composer. 60 Minutes Brian Reel
Customer Story - 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Collaboration Services in Action Design collaboration and data fidelity are critical factors in developing and delivering the high quality products for your customers in a timely manner. Come and see how leading companies around the world are approaching and resolving these challengers by using 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Collaboration Services. 90 Minutes Joey Church
Mohit DAGA
Murielle Martin
Customer Success with SOLIDWORKS Manage Come to this session and hear from a live customer and from their reseller how SOLIDWORKS Manage is helping achieve success with BOM Management, Change Management, and New Product Introduction activities. A panel discussion format lead by a SOLIDWORKS moderator will be used. 90 Minutes Mike Spens
Alexander Garrett
Erin Fink
Dataflow Machines from the Fab Lab GCode is bygone. In this session, representatives from MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms share progress from the Fab Lab Network, where machines are building machines, and dataflow controllers are connecting software to hardware without clumsy sequential representations. 60 Minutes Sherry Lassiter
Jake Read
Data Management Best Practices - Workflows and Processes This session examines how companies can leverage SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and SOLIDWORKS Manage to monitor and gain control over complex business processes. It compares both tools and steps through adding project and process management to a PDM environment. 60 Minutes Ryan Dally
Data Management for Digital Transformation This session will demonstrate how SOLIDWORKS and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. process and technologies for data management. 60 Minutes Jeremy Bernabeu
Vincent Merlino
Demystifying Advanced Data Management: An Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Manage Come and learn what SOLIDWORKS Manage is all about. This session provides an overview into the features and capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Manage and SOLIDWORKS PDM. It explores the main pillars that make SOLIDWORKS Manage a powerhouse for project-related tasks from BOM management to process control. 90 Minutes Scott Ellery
Design for 3D Printing Manufacturing Processes This session covers SLA, MJF, & FDM 3D Printing technologies and how they are used for low-volume part production. For each category example parts that were designed in SOLIDWORKS will be displayed and various features of each part design will be discussed from a design for 3DP perspective. 60 Minutes Paul DeWys
Designing for the Design Library In this session, come learn how to take full advantage of the SOLIDWORKS Design Library. It explores how to reuse annotations, create library features and smart components, and build easily configurable models. 60 Minutes Rebekah Haag
Design the Future with Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface gives manufacturing firms and workers the tools they need to transform their business and inspire design. 60 Minutes Kalin McKenna
Design to Additive Manufacturing: An End to End Solution with SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE Additive Manufacturing is transforming the way products are being designed. SOLIDWORKS and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform put the state of the art tools in your hands to go from Concept to Production. Three powerful capabilities to make you a better designer: - Find out how to use Topology Optimization to optimize geometry based on user defined goals to reduce material cost. - See how Generative Design reduces the number of parts, optimizes design and creates the most efficient design. - Learn about how Additive Manufacturing applications in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform analyze and virtual print your parts to prevent distortions and thermal stresses during the 3D Printing process. This session uses a case study of an automotive engine design to illustrate Topology Optimization, Generative Design and Simulation of the 3D printing process. Attend this session to watch how these cutting edge techniques are being used on an industry application so you can apply them to your product design. 60 Minutes Akshay Narasimhan
Mai Doan
Colin Swearingen
Design to Profit - General Session SOLIDWORKS experts and customers will showcase the tools and solutions that can turn ideas into reality. Learn about the newest workflows and methods to help you get your designs to manufacturing and then sold using a seamless integrated solution. 90 Minutes
Design vs. Designing for Manufacturing Anything can be designed for use, but designing for end-use as well as manufacturing is not always as easy. This session shows how to optimize design based on the manufacturing process used to help save time and cost on the front end of the development process. 60 Minutes Gus Breiland
Digital Transformation - Panel Discussion This session shows how the Digital Transformation of companies and ecosystems accelerates time-to-market and time-to-profit. 60 Minutes Louis Feinstein
Jeremy Bernabeu
Victor To
Michel Monsellier
David Mann
Digital transformation Power By the 3D EXPERIENCE and SOLIDWORKS This session will show how to Leveraging 3DEXPERIENCE for large scale design of complex products 60 Minutes Vincent Merlino
Jeremy Bernabeu
Direct Editing Tools for Repairing and Editing of Imported Geometry
This session presents the direct editing tools available in SOLIDWORKS that are useful when working with imported geometry. Learn how to repair and heal imported geometry, evaluate imported geometry, and other tools to make data easier to work with. 60 Minutes Marlon Banta
Rachael Naoum
Direct Editing to the Max This session demonstrates how to use the powerful Direct Editing tools in SOLIDWORKS to take your modelling skills to the next level. Most users think of the direct editing tools for imported or "dumb" solids. Attendees will learn how powerful they can be for everyday use. 60 Minutes Lloyd Beachy
Do You Know SOLIDWORKS CAM? Let’s Get Started Today!
This hands-on session demonstrates the best workflow to programming CNC machines using SOLIDWORKS CAM. It shows how the latest SOLIDWORKS design through manufacturing technologies are helping engineers to quickly create prototypes and manufacturing firms to automate the CNC programming process. 60 Minutes Victor Florindo
David McBriar
Thiago Amorim
DraftSight Cloud - 2D Drafting in A Browser With DraftSight on Cloud, you can access, share and modify files online, anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet browser to get the best cloud-based solution with these features: 1) Collaborative design; 2) Cloud storage; 3) Share your drawings with team members; 4) Full set of 2D viewing/editing capabilities. 60 Minutes Vivek Allu
DraftSight Cloud - 2D Drafting in A Browser - Repeat With DraftSight on Cloud, you can access, share and modify files online, anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet browser to get the best cloud-based solution with these features: 1) Collaborative design; 2) Cloud storage; 3) Share your drawings with team members; 4) Full set of 2D viewing/editing capabilities. 60 Minutes Vivek Allu
DraftSight Essentials - DraftSight for the AutoCAD User This session discusses the many benefits and the low learning curve when transitioning and using DraftSight as it relates to current and previous AutoCAD users. It also demonstrates some SOLIDWORKS-related behaviors. 60 Minutes Don Glaske
DraftSight Essentials - DraftSight for the AutoCAD User - Repeat This session discusses the many benefits and the low learning curve when transitioning and using DraftSight as it relates to current and previous AutoCAD users. It also demonstrates some SOLIDWORKS-related behaviors. 60 Minutes Don Glaske
DraftSight Roundtable – Panel Discussion This session gives attendees the opportunity to discuss all things DraftSight. 90 Minutes Marco Leizza
DraftSight What’s New The DraftSight 2019 Beta was released in Summer 2018. This new release aims to enhance the usability and productivity of the product. This session presents a deep dive on each new feature so attendees can learn how to work more efficiently on their projects. 90 Minutes Wai-Ming Chu
DriveWorksXpress – Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS Hands-On
DriveWorksXpress® is the Design Automation tool included in every license of SOLIDWORKS. It is great for creating variations of products that are the same but different. This session teaches how to create a DriveWorksXpress configurator from scratch and about the DriveWorksXpress Certification. 60 Minutes Oliver Basma-Lord
Tom Wormald
DriveWorks Xpress Essentials: Hands-on Lab
This hands-on session prepares students to automate their designs using DriveWorks Xpress, which is included with every seat of SOLIDWORKS. Topics include: planning for automation, leveraging your existing models, and growing your automation. 90 Minutes Ryan Dally
Derek Lawson
Electronics Thermal Management As the demand for increased performance in smaller packages rises, thermal management of electronics has become a top priority for designers and engineers. This session focuses on how to leverage SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation in conjunction with SOLIDWORKS PCB to meet these demands. 90 Minutes Samuel Skinner
Empower your organization with Social Collaboration In this session attendees will learn how to leverage the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to streamline and boost collaboration between external and internal teams using 3DDrive and customizable dashboards. 60 Minutes Michael PEREZ
Rekha Kamat
Majie Zeller
Engineers Are Problem Solvers: A Critical Look at the Engineering Design Process Are you looking for a systematic approach to K-12 engineering? Then, join the dialog with the Engineering Pipeline. This award-winning, innovative program involves over 1,000 K-12 students in real-world, international engineering projects with the aid of post-secondary and industry mentors. 60 Minutes Leon R. Grant III
Evaluate: It’s the Whole Reason We Assemble! Evaluation is the power of the SOLIDWORKS engine. Anytime we need to assemble components we need to ask why?! Why are we doing what we are doing? The answer is likely to gain some insight into our design and the evaluation tools provide vast resources to gain a deep understanding of our assemblies. 60 Minutes Brandon Nelms
Everything You Need to Know about Drawing Views in 60 Minutes
Drawings have many elements, the most important being Drawing Views. This session discusses and practices creating views to help users lay the proper foundation for beautiful drawings. 60 Minutes David Antanavige
Exploded Views - Use and Improvements
Exploded Views are a powerful assembly tool. Understanding how this SOLIDWORKS command works will provide you with increased abilities to create effective drawings and animations to purposefully present assembling instructions or showcase your creation. 60 Minutes Samuele Tofano
Five Steps for Composer Interactive Assembly Instructions This session uncovers the express workflow for creating interactive assembly instructions in Composer to use with Composer Player. Attendees will learn the process of creating, organizing and linking custom views to easily produce an interactive experience for a guided assembly procedure. 60 Minutes Chris Mowatt
Flattening the Complexity Out of Sheet Metal Creating complex geometry out of sheet metal can be challenging. This session explores how some of the tools in the sheet metal toolbar can help. These include: Convert to Sheet Metal, Lofted-Bend, Unfold, and Fold. This session also demonstrates how inserting a part into a part can be a lifesaver. 90 Minutes Andrew Donesky
Flow Simulation 101 - Your First Flow Analysis
This session uses SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation to discover how fluid moves inside the products you design. 90 Minutes Hari Padmanabhan
Four Key Use Cases for Metal 3D Printing This session will cover why and when it makes sense to print metal, key advantages of metal 3D printing, and four key use cases: functional prototyping, jigs and fixtures, manufacturing tooling, and low volume production. 90 Minutes Ilya Mirman
Free Surface Flow Simulation at GE Healthcare - Panel Discussion GE Healthcare Anesthesia and Respiratory Care (ARC) Group is using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation's free surface capabilities to model the filling process of transferring anesthesia agent from a sealed bottle to its vaporizer. Objective is to optimize the liquid flow and gas exchange paths via CFD virtual prototyping. 60 Minutes Dhanachezhian Duraikannu
Joseph Lacey
Joe Galliera
Free Surface in Flow Simulation: Best Practices and Recommendations This session reviews the technology behind the Free Surface capability in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. It discusses some best practices, highlights a few requirements and recommendations, and shows a few examples. 60 Minutes Maher Lagha
From CAD to VR Experience easily with SOLIDWORKS Visualize
In this Session the Attendees will learn how move from CAD 3D screen to realistic Virtual Reality Experience of your products with SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019 in a fast and easy way. Make your products come to life! 60 Minutes Victor Florindo
Thiago Amorim
Gas Regulators Optimization This session describes how to optimize gas regulators using SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Flow Simulation. It also presents how to control the behavior and setup of the regulators' components to guarantee the correct functioning of the entire mechanism. 60 Minutes Luis Felipe Ruiz
Jose Pereiras
Getting the Most Out of SOLIDWORKS Manage, Literally SOLIDWORKS Manage provides a host of amazing features and functionality. And as with any distributed data management system, one of the keys is interoperability with other systems such as ERP. This session explores exporting and importing data within SOLIDWORKS Manage using existing functionality. 90 Minutes Jeremiah Davis
Great Things You Are Missing in SOLIDWORKS eDrawings SOLIDWORKS eDrawings is not just a quick viewing tool. It is a feature-rich communication tool that works across multiple platforms. This session discusses some of outstanding features that are commonly overlooked in eDrawings so you can start communicating your designs better today. 60 Minutes Quinton Rocke
Hands-On Introduction to Routing (Piping & Tubing)
Have you heard about SOLIDWORKS Routing/Piping capabilities but never used them? This session gives you hands-on exposure to what SOLIDWORKS can do to help you in the world of Tubing, Conduit, and Piping applications. PREREQUISITE: 3D Sketching, Configs, Top Down Assembly Design, Design Library 90 Minutes Randy Simmons
Hardware Startup Stories from the Great State of Texas This fun and fast-paced session will highlight some of the Best Texas Hardware Startups. Austin, Dallas, Houston and others are becoming top locals for entrepreneurs in the U.S. They have a hardware history and lots of raw talent producing IoT and wearable startups. Come see what everyone's so excited about! These startups are all part of the Texas accelerators and incubators ecosystem which is the center of gravity for entrepreneurs with coworking, events, classes, mentors and a unique matching investment fund. 60 Minutes Christopher Ellis
Todd Watts
Harnessing the Power of Admin Image and MSI installs An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, for the goal of the game is to work smarter, not harder. Come learn the power of a SOLIDWORKS Admin Image and MSI installs, along with when and how to use them. 90 Minutes Westley Tusa
How 3D Interconnect Changes the Import Game Working with importing CAD files from non-SOLIDWORKS sources can be a painful process, but thanks to the new 3D Interconnect technology, that has all changed for the better. This session demonstrates how 3D Interconnect has changed the way people work with imported models, and has made importing a simple process. 90 Minutes John Hall
How Ringbrothers is Building a Design to Manufacturing Business Ringbrothers is a custom car builder that drives growth by developing new products for commissioned builds and direct consumer needs. Utilizing the SOLIDWORKS workflow from idea to product. This session discusses the Ringbrothers process, looking at the latest technologies that are pushing the limits in custom car building with 3D scanning, 3D printing and CNC machining. 60 Minutes Matthew Moseman
How SOLIDWORKS Saved My Marriage This session is a deep dive into new SOLIDWORKS capabilities when working with mesh models. It prevents various ways to use images and textures to create unique geometry for 3D printing, how to work with downloaded mesh bodies and how to utilize the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace. 60 Minutes Ryan Krawchuk
Nate Andrews
How to Build and Maintain Effective SOLIDWORKS Design Tables This session is an update from previous SOLIDWORKS Worlds that covers all aspects of Design Tables—from the optimal setup of parts and assemblies in SOLIDWORKS to how to use the tools in SOLIDWORKS and Excel to help automate the design process of creating configurations. 60 Minutes Josh Altergott
How to Build an Engineering Change Process Utilizing SOLIDWORKS Manage
This session demonstrates an Engineering Change process in SOLIDWORKS Manage from creating the request to implementing the change. It shows how to take files from SOLIDWORKS PDM and send them through this change process. The session walks through building the entire change process in SOLIDWORKS Manage. 90 Minutes Kevin Crawford
How to Build Complex Structure Systems in SOLIDWORKS 2019
This hands-on session, provides step-by-step instructions on how to build complex structural systems using the brand new Structure System tool released on SOLIDWORKS 2019. Come see how this new tool can streamline the creation of complex structural which reduces systems design times and increases quality. 60 Minutes Thiago Amorim
Victor Florindo
How to Build Your Business Case for VR Leveraging virtual reality in the development process is all the rage right now—and for good reason. Join NVIDIA and Dell as they take a look at efficient VR workflows, best practices, tools, and the companies that are doing it right. 60 Minutes Andrew Rink
Gary Radburn
How to Do Facility Layout with SOLIDWORKS
This session explains the facility layout tools available in SOLIDWORKS and how they are used to prepare components with connection definitions so they can be easily assembled in a layout. 90 Minutes Frank Ruepp
How to Publish The Daily Prophet from SOLIDWORKS Composer
This session shows the audience how to use SOLIDWORKS Composer to publish their views into PDF, Word, and HTML, and how to update the views in Composer and sync their document. 60 Minutes Weiran Wu
How to Streamline your Workflow: The Model Mania Method Who doesn't want to get more modeling done in less time? This session provides many time-saving tips and tricks in a workflow-centric approach. Attendees will learn how to apply these techniques to their daily grind by seeing them applied in the context of past Model Mania competition parts. 90 Minutes Kameron Smith
How to Write a Best Practice Document Wouldn't it be nice if everyone within your company build their SOLIDWORKS models in a similar way? You could start modifying anyone's models right away without spending time examining it first? This session discusses ideas on how to create a document to improve design consistency. 60 Minutes Jeff Sweeney
How Two Blokes Went from Concept to Product This sessions shows you how two ordinary guys leveraged SOLIDWORKS CAD, SOLIDWORKS Topology, SOLIDWORKS Sell and the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace to bring a concept to market. It covers design, manufacture and consumer product business planning. 90 Minutes Chris Duchaine
Nate Andrews
I Am Lazy - Tips for Optimizing SOLIDWORKS to Work for You We all know that SOLIDWORKS is a great program, but what if we can optimize it to work better for us? This session shows how to set up the program and add peripherals to make the job more efficient. 90 Minutes Brad Meador
Implementation Case of SOLIDWORKS PDM-Sim-Composer in an AEC Company This session presents the implementation of a SOLIDWORKS multi-product solution in the manufacturing of architectural glass windows and aluminum products. It shows how to manage different document files and CAD files inside SOLIDWORKS PDM and how effective SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Composer are in the AEC industry. 60 Minutes Luis Felipe Ruiz
Isabel Pinzon
Jose Pereiras
Implement PDM Standard in a Day This session demonstrate how to get PDM Standard up and running in one day from installation to configuration! 60 Minutes Tim Paris
Improve Design Time - Test Drive Tacton Design Automation
This session explores the flexibility of Tacton Design Automation. Learn how to automate SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings, and discover the ease and benefits Tacton offers. See layout mode in action for use in teams that provides modular development, and learn how to improve design times without using the API. 90 Minutes Jason Jensen
Chris Price
Improve your Project Presentations using SOLIDWORKS Motion Animations
This session presents the keys to improving technical project presentations by animating and walking through their models and simulation results using different SOLIDWORKS Simulation products. 60 Minutes Osvaldo García
Incorporating Variable Patterns in Your Design
This session covers several uses of Variable Pattern and its results in your designs. 90 Minutes Jody Stiles
Ins and outs of Inline Components Using SOLIDWORKS Routing
While creating and using electrical routes, users face many limitations considering the usage of components like boots, shrink wraps, etc. This session covers how inline components support will be helpful in creation, placement and usage of all kinds of boots and shrink-wrapped-type components. 60 Minutes Sameer Bondre
Shailesh Badve
Inspect this! This session cover how to use the basic tools inside of SOLIDWORKS Inspection (standalone and add-in) and include a demonstration of tips and tricks that will help users maximize their time when creating Inspection documents. 90 Minutes Lindsi Sparks
Integrating SOLIDWORKS Design Checker into PDM Workflows Review of the following familiar problems and their resolution: - Assemblies/drawings are released, but parts and subs are left in a preliminary state. - Published derivatives (pdf, dwg, etc.) are often not created/forgotten when components are released. - Released models littered with errors. 90 Minutes Mike Bosscher
Interface in Your Face - 2019 Edition
This one-hour session will be enough for you to learn and master the most efficient workflow for "telling" SOLIDWORKS 2019 what to do. Your mouse movement will be reduced by 75%, but more importantly your eyes will stay focused on the model, allowing you to concentrate on design and not hunt for icons. 60 Minutes Vipanjot Kaur
Alin Vargatu
Introducing DraftSight 3D Design This session will show you how to create 3D models using DraftSight 3D. Included will be live 3D modeling, best practices and an introduction to parametric constraints. 60 Minutes Johnathen Lieber
Introducing DraftSight 3D Design - Repeat This session will show you how to create 3D models using DraftSight 3D. Included will be live 3D modeling, best practices and an introduction to parametric constraints. 60 Minutes Johnathen Lieber
Introducing SOLIDWORKS xShape In this session attendees will learn about SOLIDWORKS xShape, the browser based subdivision modeling tool from SOLIDWORKS. Attendees will learn about the technical capabilities of SOLIDWORKS xShape and how it complements SOLIDWORKS xDesign and SOLIDWORKS Desktop workflows. 60 Minutes Shyam VENUGOPAL
Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Costing for Manufacturing Cost Estimation This session provides an overview of the capabilities for automatically performing cost estimates of parts and assemblies. 90 Minutes Craig Therrien
Introduction to SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2
This session demonstrates the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 and how it can facilitate collaboration within your SOLIDWORKS PDM vault between various groups of your organization. 60 Minutes Annie Cheung
Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard – Basic Features 101
All attendees will quickly discover the fast, easy and fun recipe of creating realistic renders in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. This session reveals the fastest and easiest way to photo-quality images for anyone who needs to take “photos” of their SOLIDWORKS data. It teaches how to quickly and easily create emotional content to accelerate the design process and provide marketing with photo-quality assets earlier than ever imagined. 60 Minutes Brian Muhlbach
Introduction to SOLIDWORKS xDesign What is xDesign? Join this session to learn more about arguably the most eagerly anticipated product in the industry. Hear directly from SOLIDWORKS Product Management about who it is for, how it works, the benefits and what the future holds for SOLIDWORKS xDesign. Can’t make this session? Don’t worry, there are two chances to see it. Monday Feb 11 4.30pm and Tuesday Feb 12 at 1.30pm. 60 Minutes Mark RUSHTON
Introduction to SOLIDWORKS xDesign - Repeat What is xDesign? Join this session to learn more about arguably the most eagerly anticipated product in the industry. Hear directly from SOLIDWORKS Product Management about who it is for, how it works, the benefits and what the future holds for SOLIDWORKS xDesign. Can’t make this session? Don’t worry, there are two chances to see it. Monday Feb 11 4.30pm and Tuesday Feb 12 at 1.30pm. 60 Minutes Mark RUSHTON
Introduction to the New Mesh Modeling Features and Techniques in SOLIDWORKS
This session presents the new workflows and tools for 3D scanned files with the new mesh import options when importing STL, OBJ file types containing tessellated data. It will also offer new effective mesh modeling techniques for modifying mesh data. 90 Minutes Rachael Naoum
Nick Birkett-Smith
Introduction to the SOLIDWORKS MotionManager
This session demonstrates how to choreograph and build an animation by arranging components and taking snapshots of them at key moments during a sequence of movement or change. 90 Minutes Rachael Naoum
Marlon Banta
IQMS ERP & MES Mid-market Manufacturing Software Introduction and Overview Dassault recently acquired IQMS’s mid-market manufacturing ERP software products. This session will explain & demonstrate the scope of functionality of the products, highlight the key differentiators & illustrate the strategic fit between Solidworks design products & IQMS manufacturing software. 90 Minutes Steve Bieszczat
IQMS ERP & MES Mid-market Manufacturing Software Introduction & Overview Dassault recently acquired IQMS’s mid-market manufacturing ERP software products. This session will explain & demonstrate the scope of functionality of the products, highlight the key differentiators & illustrate the strategic fit between Solidworks design products & IQMS manufacturing software. 90 Minutes Steve Bieszczat
Just Do This: Best Practices in SOLIDWORKS Electrical
This session explores electrical design best practices as they relate to various industries and standards. If you too have ever wondered "Am I doing this right?" – just do this! 60 Minutes Timothy Pulaski
Large Assembly Performance - 2019 Edition SOLIDWORKS 2019 introduced game-changing tools for large assembly management. This session shows how to harness the potential offered by these tools in developing new and very effective techniques for predicting, troubleshooting and drastically reducing slowdowns when working with large and complex assemblies. 90 Minutes Alin Vargatu
Large Drawings Performance - 2019 Edition Do you create, detail or simply open drawings of complex or large assemblies? Do you want to see real-life examples of how to work efficiently with a very large drawing? The speakers will share the results of their original research on the best practices, tools and techniques for SOLIDWORKS drawings. 90 Minutes Alin Vargatu
Learn SOLIDWORKS MBD Basics in 60 minutes
Attendees will be able to understand the basic concepts of SOLIDWORKS Model-Based Definition (MBD) and benefits for their company. This session presents a wide range of SOLIDWORKS MBD capabilities that will provide attendees with the knowledge required to get started with the product and better plan a gradual implementation into their company. 60 Minutes Alessandro Tornincasa
Learn to Create Custom Tabs in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Window Explorer
This session describes how to create custom tabs in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Window Explorer via the Add-ins and explore its various APIs and features. 60 Minutes Pabitra Behera
Leave the Children at Home This session shows you how to develop 3D designs with minimal parent / child relationships. 60 Minutes Chris MacCormack
Let’s Get Physical with SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019
SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019 is full of many enhancements. In this session, we get physical. Want to know what PBR is? Or how you can use the new physics capabilities? Learn how to put these new tools in your arsenal of render awesomeness. You will also receive a printed step-by-step manual so you don't have to take notes. 90 Minutes Scott Ellery
Leverage Model-Based Definition (MBD) to Accelerate Quality Control This session shows you how to leverage Model-Based Definition (MBD) to extends the digital thread from design all the way to production and inspection. 90 Minutes Mathieu Fourcade
Life after School: A Panel Discussion for Students by Professional SOLIDWORKS Users This session provides students this great opportunity to meet and interact directly with companies and SOLIDWORKS customers, so they can hear what life could be like after graduation and the steps they should take in the meantime to help boost their careers. 60 Minutes Pierre Devaux
Hany Soliman
Ryan Zaumseil
Amee Meghani
J Mills
Macros vs. Add-ins vs. Stand-Alones Are you looking to automate some of your workflow with the SOLIDWORKS API but are uncertain what type of program and what programming language to use? This session explores every advantage and disadvantage of each option while showing examples of each. 90 Minutes Keith Rice
Make Your Data Visual Using SOLIDWORKS Manage Dashboards
This session covers the different methods to create dashboards in SOLIDWORKS Manage. Attendees will learn how to create four different graphical representations of their Manage, PDM, and SOLIDWORKS data in Manage. 90 Minutes Heather Dawe
Managing Appearances for Beginners In this session beginners will learn how to manage appearances and understand how their model will react when dealing with appearances. 60 Minutes Ben Arciniega
Managing SOLIDWORKS Electrical Libraries and Classification
Libraries are very essential when it comes to SOLIDWORKS Electrical. This session demonstrates that it is critical to have this essential knowledge to create, manage and utilize these libraries. 90 Minutes Shailesh Badve
Sameer Bondre
Manufacturability Analysis Tools for SOLIDWORKS This session teaches about tools available inside SOLIDWORKS and available from Gold Partners that help ensure your designs are ready for manufacturing. 60 Minutes Craig Therrien
MBE Organizational Impact This session reviews the model-based enterprise maturity index and discusses how it can be utilized to evaluate an organization's current capabilities with regards to moving towards a Model-Based Engineering (MBE) environment. 60 Minutes Joe Riel
Mechanism Development with SOLIDWORKS: A Real-World Case Study This session presents Mechanism Development with SOLIDWORKS: Spring-Counterbalanced Monitor Arm, A Real-World Case Study. This session demonstrates the value of up-front analysis through live demos of Motion Analysis and Linear Static FEA. 60 Minutes Christopher Narveson
Travis Yoch
Modelling Curvy Stuff – Controlling the “Flow” of Isoparms and Why that Matters a Lot Ever get wrinkles or bulges/dips in your surfaces, or strange edge anomalies when trying to make a Loft/Boundary? You need the tips and tricks in this session for controlling the “flow” of isoparms, the matrix created between the edges and curves of a Loft/Boundary that define the faces of your product. 60 Minutes Ed Eaton
New Automotive Engineering Test Tools: Developed Using SOLIDWORKS Products Learn how multiple SOLIDWORKS products are used by in-tech GmbH in developing new HiL (hardware in the loop) instrumentation systems for advanced automotive engineering. 60 Minutes Martin Würfl
Julian Renz
New Horizons - General Session Come hear from some amazing SOLIDWORKS customers who are developing barrier-breaking products outside of mechanical design. Consider what’s possible when you use SOLIDWORKS to explore the farthest reaches of your imagination. 90 Minutes
Non-Newtonian EPDM (Rubber) Analysis in Flow Simulation: a Customer Story This session shows how to analyze EPDM Rubber extrusion process in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. Simulation Team Leader Tarik Turkistanli shows how to define correctly material properties and boundary conditions leveraging test data and compare results. 90 Minutes Alessandro Bellini
Tarık Türkistanlı
Optimization in Real World using SOLIDWORKS From this session, the attendees will understand the importance of virtual product simulation to achieve optimum design goals. Various offerings from SOLIDWORKS Simulation will be utilized to explain product optimization such as Structural Simulation, Fatigue, Kinematics, Topology optimization etc. 60 Minutes Shravan Jodalli
PDM Data Card Configuration Tips, Tricks and Traps This session discussed and shows examples of good (and bad) practices in setting up PDM data cards and variables. They include: variable mapping, tab controls, use of version free variables, using Input Formulas, and folder/file variable inheritance. This session also covers various types of data cards. 60 Minutes Andrew Page
Perform at a Higher Level through Certification This session introduces SOLIDWORKS certification. Students and professionals perform at a higher levels because of certification exams. Exams are one of several critical tools to effectively teach SOLIDWORKS, and a great way for users to evaluate their knowledge and hone their skills. 60 Minutes Ronald Montesano
Practical Part Design Using SOLIDWORKS Plastics Come see practical ways that SOLIDWORKS Plastics can help design better plastic parts in less time. This session includes tips and tricks for modeling and analyzing plastic parts. 60 Minutes Andy Jaskey
Push it Real Good: SOLIDWORKS Animations to Visualize Creating Animations inside of Visualize can be taxing at times, but the Add-in and Live Link between SOLIDWORKS CAD and Visualize can help fill that gap. This session takes an in-depth look at the features, studies and animations that can be pushed from SOLIDWORKS CAD over to Visualize, reducing the time spent creating animations. 60 Minutes David Janicki
R&D Futures - General Session Preview the cutting-edge technologies taking form at Dassault Systèmes/SOLIDWORKS R&D Labs. You’ll hear about the innovations shaping 3D design in the coming years. 90 Minutes
Real Good Tips; Real Bad Jokes This session presents great tips and tricks for using SOLIDWORKS, along with some really bad jokes. Ever wonder what the spacebar is for? It is where the astronauts hang out. 60 Minutes Sean Belleau
Paul Ludwick
Secrets of File Management Have you ever been frazzled managing your SOLIDWORKS files? Seen SOLIDWORKS seemingly "swap" one part for another? Wonder how you can move or rename parts and have your assemblies and drawings still find them? This session presents file management secrets that will make your life just a little bit easier. 60 Minutes Jeff Setzer
Setup SQL Replication in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional This session reviews the functionality and use cases for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional database replication. It also covers setup instructions, requirements, features, and benefits of database replication. 90 Minutes Justin Webster
Showcase Your Talents Using MySolidWorks CAD Models Discover a new way to share and showcase your SOLIDWORKS Skills and Talents and to be recognized in the community. 60 Minutes Eli Mather
Alex Timofeev
Simulating Real-World Thermal Applications
This session demonstrated how SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation capabilities can help to simulate real-world thermal applications. 90 Minutes Nandish Datti
Jose Pereiras
Simulation Automation Using the API This session will look at automating SOLIDWORKS Simulation tasks using the Simulation API. Loads, boundary conditions, and shell thicknesses will be applied programmatically using the built-in VBA editor. There will be a brief introduction to using the Simulation API with Microsoft Excel. 60 Minutes Attilio Colangelo
SLUGME 2018: Reloaded This is an encore of the SLUGME (SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Event) presentation. If you missed it, or want to see it again, this is your chance. A fast-paced spin that covers a little bit of everything to help you get to the finish line faster. 90 Minutes Neil Custard
Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem with MBD Eliminating 2D paper drawings opens the door to streamlining and advancing the manufacturing process. This session focuses on the benefits of adopting the Model-Based Definition (MBD) approach and how to leverage that data in the real world to create a smart manufacturing ecosystem. 90 Minutes Samuel Skinner
Social 3D for All - General Breakout Session This session discusses why Dassault Systèmes is creating a new online social 3D platform for creating, collaborating and sharing. This new app will support Dassault Systèmes in reaching new 3D users and expanding usage of 3D in the consumer space. 90 Minutes Justin Burton
Colin Walker
Social 3D for All - Interactive Workshop
Participants in this hands-on session will use the new Social 3D app from Dassault Systèmes. 3D is a powerful medium that can help many people in their everyday lives. Create, modify or fix something, explain something, or just have fun with's up to you. 60 Minutes Colin Walker
Justin Burton
Social and Design Collaboration for Everyone As designers, engineers and leaders we love to create, innovate and share. 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Collaboration Services enables us to collaborate with our teams using integrated social tools and to engage with management, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders throughout the product development process. Come and learn about the details of this latest offering from Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS 60 Minutes Mohit DAGA
Delphine Genouvrier
Kenneth Hallberg
Social and Design Collaboration for Everyone - Repeat As designers, engineers and leaders we love to create, innovate and share. 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Collaboration Services enables us to collaborate with our teams using integrated social tools and to engage with management, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders throughout the product development process. Come and learn about the details of this latest offering from Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS. 60 Minutes Milos ZUPANSKI
Delphine Genouvrier
Kenneth Hallberg
Mohit DAGA
Social Collaboration and Data Management using 3DEXPERIENCE Platform 101
Come learn about how the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can transform the way you collaborate and manage your projects and data. 60 Minutes Michael PEREZ
Mohit DAGA
SOLIDWORKS 2019 Assemblies Road Test
Come and take the new Assemblies features in 2019 for a spin with the Assemblies R&D Director. In this hands-on session you will get to take the wheel and try the new features out with SOLIDWORKS staff on hand to help and even explain a little about what is going on under the hood. Tire kickers welcome! 60 Minutes Nick Birkett-Smith
Chris Brooking
SOLIDWORKS 2019 Routing – Accelerate Your Design to Manufacturing Workflows This session presents an overview of the continued enhancements from SOLIDWORKS 2018 to SOLIDWORKS 2019 for Routing design. It demonstrates the more efficient capabilities introduced in SOLIDWORKS to accelerate Routing design workflows that will drive customer innovation and success. 90 Minutes Mo Sayeed
SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE – Scalable Design to Manufacturing The power of 3DEXPERIENCE and power of SOLIDWORKS combined into Design to Manufacturing portfolio of offerings giving you the best in class tools to grow your business - from two man shop to a multi-million dollars enterprise, SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio has offerings and solutions to satisfy your growing needs. 90 Minutes Milos ZUPANSKI
SOLIDWORKS 3D Sketching, Curves and Surfacing This session describes how to work with 3D Sketching and mixing with 2D Sketches for working with Weldments. It then moves to looking at 3D Sketching and Curves for Sweeps and Surfacing and covering an overview of Surfacing Features 60 Minutes Cami Florence
SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal & Online Licensing This session introduces the new SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal and Online Licensing. The SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal helps customers manage their users and assets, assign or remove products, and other tasks. SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing gives users the flexibility to use SOLIDWORKS anywhere it is installed. 60 Minutes Mathieu Fourcade
Salih Alani
SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids Classroom
Calling all educators – both professional and volunteer! Are you ready to introduce design principles to children in a fun way? Come see how Apps for Kids Classroom allows you to quickly set up a secure environment in which children can unleash their imaginations. 90 Minutes Sal Lama
This session teaches you how to create 2.5-axis mill toolpaths using SOLIDWORKS® CAM Standard. 90 Minutes Joy Garon
SOLIDWORKS CAM: Mill Programming for Engineers
This hands-on session guides engineers on the essential workflow required to successfully program mill parts using SOLIDWORKS CAM. Those new to CNC programming will leave the session with the confidence of having programmed two parts including tool path simulation and g-code posting. 90 Minutes Randall Bock
SOLIDWORKS Considerations for 3D Printing The majority of SOLIDWORKS users use 3D printers for multiple applications. This session describes SOLIDWORKS best practices to create Prototypes, Jigs & Fixtures, and finally combines the power of Simulation and 3D printing to explore new applications. 90 Minutes Arvind Krishnan
SOLIDWORKS Disaster Recovery On July 19th, 2018, Vermeer Corporation had an EF3 tornado hit their facilities. Over 30% of the facilities were destroyed. This session discusses the disaster, the impact on the company's SOLIDWORKS users, and how to prepare SOLIDWORKS software to prevent loss of data and recover quickly. 60 Minutes Greg Johnson
SOLIDWORKS Drawing Automation and Setup Utilizing Parametric Best Practices
Making drawings can be a tedious process, so why not make it faster by linking data you have already created? Attendees will have the chance to add custom properties to their Part files, see why templates are important, and how to link custom properties from one file to another specifically with Assemblies and Drawings. This session will also demonstrate how to use the Property Tab builder. 60 Minutes Craig Maurer
SOLIDWORKS Electrical - Dealing with Design Changes Engineering changes can make or break deadlines. This session shows how SOLIDWORKS Electrical can eliminate errors and quickly implement design changes. 60 Minutes Johnathen Lieber
SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Demystifying Excel Automation This breakout session focuses on demonstrating and demystifying the power of Excel automation within the SOLIDWORKS Electrical environment. It gives attendees the tools they need to implement the tool within their design departments. 60 Minutes Thomas Smith
SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Exploring Reports This session dives into the fundamentals of electrical reports, report manager, report configurations, formulas and modification of columns in a report which paves the path for attendees to master reports. 60 Minutes Vandana Damale
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Successful Discovery and Implementation This sessions teaches you how to: - Ask key questions during discovery meetings to ensure a smooth implementation process with no unpleasant surprises. - Understand training materials in relation to implementation needs and workflows. - Look at the tools available to better produce client custom reports. 90 Minutes Vance Martin
Sebastian Davies
SOLIDWORKS Flow: Heat Treatment and Chamber of Secrets
This session demonstrates a heat treatment study in an Oven for Polimerization setup—a case study of a real example with experimental measurements. In other words, this session shows in depth the setup of the transient analysis with a specific "switch control" of the heaters. 60 Minutes Ivan Adamov
SOLIDWORKS Inspection to Automate Quality Control, Save Time and Reduce Errors
This session cover standalone and add-in tools of SOLIDWORKS Inspection to automate industrial inspection. It includes case studies showcasing creation of ballooned drawing, inspection project, CMM import, publish/export options that reduce time by 90% over traditional methods, and new features of SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2019. 60 Minutes Swapnil Shinde
Vikramsingh Khanade
SOLIDWORKS Optimization Strategies for Reducing Turbo Lag in Rotating Parts In this session will be used SOLIDWORKS Flow simulation parametric studies combined with SOLIDWORKS Simulation FEM Analysis in order to reproduce the supersonic flow conditions involved in the high speed rotating region. Inertia mass reduction with topology optimization. 60 Minutes Alessandro Bellini
SOLIDWORKS PCB and SOLIDWORKS – a Hands-on Introduction
In this hands-on session attendees will learn and experience how the seamless collaboration and bi-directional integration between SOLIDWORKS PCB and SOLIDWORKS CAD facilitates an easy, error-free workflow between their ECAD and MCAD design environments. 60 Minutes Josh MOORE
Karishma Dcosta
SOLIDWORKS PDM File Version Upgrade Tool This session offers recommendations and troubleshooting tips when using the File Version Upgrade Tool (FVUT). 60 Minutes Dan Lolea
SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2019 Release Enhancements
SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2019 release (What’s New) designed a new capabilities to showcase time-saving tips and tricks using Geometry-based Boundary Conditions, Mesh Enhancements and Cooling Channel Design. This session teaches the new feature that assigns directly on geometry entities. 60 Minutes Nandish Datti
Gajanand Naxne
SOLIDWORKS Plastics: Gain Confidence in Simulations through Validation This session summarizes validation project in which specially-instrumented molds were used to manufacture geometrically-diverse parts, using several materials and under different process settings. Key quantities of interest were measured and compared with SOLIDWORKS Plastics analysis predictions. 60 Minutes Murali Annareddy
SOLIDWORKS Redneck Workarounds - Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems Did you know that your day-to-day modeling tasks may be wrought with unnecessary steps that waste your precious time and money? This session provides you with some inventive and unique techniques that will inspire you to think more creatively and inventively to solve your daily design issues. 60 Minutes Adrian Fanjoy
Josh Altergott
SOLIDWORKS Sketch Ink – Creating Elegant 3D Products from Concept Sketches This session demonstrates how to use the SOLIDWORKS Sketch Ink tools on touch devices to create fluid, organic models with your fingertips. Start with an initial concept-based paper sketch and derive custom curves and contours that blend into a refined 3D design, showcasing the power and speed of SOLIDWORKS’ on-screen sketching. 60 Minutes James Jepsen
SOLIDWORKS Start Up Kit Come learn how to take full advantage of SOLIDWORKS right from the start. This session takes a deep dive into the concepts of SOLIDWORKS templates, along with some tips and tricks for customizing settings and where to find SOLIDWORKS training resources. 90 Minutes Rebekah Haag
SOLIDWORKS Technical Support for the Everyday User Learn how to think like Technical Support and take a crash course in SOLIDWORKS troubleshooting. This session empowers SOLIDWORKS users with all of the tools necessary to get the solutions they need—fast. 90 Minutes Rachel York
SOLIDWORKS Templates 101: Parts, Assemblies and Drawings This session demonstrate how to manage metadata in parts, assemblies and drawings. It will demonstrate how simple it is to create a template if you follow several rules and steps. Once created, creating documentation and files is easy. 90 Minutes Eric Bright
SOLIDWORKS Tips You Need to Know 6.0! This session will be the sixth edition of the "SOLIDWORKS Tips You Need to Know" series by Subjects will be on anything including parts, drawings, assemblies, surfacing, weldments, sheet metal and more. 90 Minutes Neil Custard
SOLIDWORKS Visualize | What's New 2019 Bring your designs to life with the SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019 product line. Discover the newest set of features, including the integrated Physics Engine, new photographic materials and more. Learn helpful tips and tricks to get your products to market faster. One lucky attendee will win an NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000! 60 Minutes Brian HILLNER
Brian Muhlbach
SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Top Ten Enhancement List This session will reveal this year’s top ten enhancement ideas and discuss the evolution of the SOLIDWORKS enhancement request process. 60 Minutes Bruce Holway
SOLIDWORKS xDesign 101!
Come learn about how a browser-based CAD application native to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can transform the way you design. This session demonstrates how an easy-to-use CAD tool available to you anywhere, anytime, on any device, can help bring your ideas to reality. 90 Minutes Sal Lama
Robert Jost
Jody Stiles
SOLIDWORKS xDesign Basics SOLIDWORKS xDesign combines 3D CAD modeling and cloud collaboration using a web browser. Create parametric models and assemblies or let xDesign’s Design Guidance suggest solutions for you. 90 Minutes David Antanavige
SOLIDWORKS XR (Extended Reality) – Panel Discussion on the Future of Design and Engineering New for the 2019 release is SOLIDWORKS XR – viewing projects in Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR). Hear from industry leaders, customer, and XR Partners developing these exciting technologies, to learn how you can improve the product development process and increase sales using these new workflows. 60 Minutes Anthony Moschella
Billy Hackett
Julien TROST
Solving Complex Structural Simulation Problems with SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer (SSE) delivers a streamlined workflow for solving complex structural analysis with confidence using the industry leader ABAQUS Solver. This session describes the benefits of SSE—either you have SOLIDWORKS Simulation or not. 90 Minutes Nicolas TILLET
James Shaw
Ryan Paige
So You Think You Can Restore?
Are you aware of the pitfalls that you can get into when doing a PDM upgrade? Is your critical data set properly backed up? Are you doing any testing before hand? This session answers these questions and demonstrates the critical importance of having correct SQL database backups and an archive server for a proper SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault restoration. 60 Minutes Cristian Fustos
Startup Accelerators, Incubators and Co-Working Space: What Startups Need to Know This session helps to understand many questions for startups like this one: Dropbox and AirBnb came through startup accelerators but what are they? There's no single path to entrepreneurial success; there are many ways to make your amazing idea into a thriving business. There are, however, some programs and frameworks that can give your venture a big boost if you get into them at the right time. Startup accelerators and incubators are two options for fast-tracking and deep-diving. What exactly are incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces, anyway? The terms get thrown around a lot, often interchangeably. But, there are some key differences between them, which impact whether one or the other (or neither!) is what you need to go for with your startup. Come learn the ins and outs. 60 Minutes Jillian Friot
STEP out of the Old and Into the New ECAD-MCAD collaboration makes it easier than ever before for mechanical and electrical engineering teams to communicate, collaborate, and share design data. 60 Minutes Josh MOORE
Injy Gadalla
Stop Waiting, Start Working: How to Make Large Assemblies Faster Tired of watching that wait cursor? It's time to troubleshoot your slow assembly! This session leads you through a step-by-step process for finding and fixing many of the common causes of assembly performance problems. 60 Minutes Nick Birkett-Smith
Structural Dynamics: from the Basics to Real-World Applications
This hands-on session teaches the basics of structural dynamic simulation and its significance using real-world applications. 90 Minutes Jose Pereiras
Nandish Datti
Structural Simulation 101 – Your First Steps in FEA
This session uses SOLIDWORKS Simulation to carry out basic structural tests on a part and an assembly to evaluate its fitness for purpose. 60 Minutes Stephen Endersby
Structure Systems SOLIDWORKS introduced Structure System features in SOLIDWORKS 2019 to help customers design and capture design intent of advance and complex structures. This session does a deep dive of these features. 90 Minutes Utpal KUMAR
Structure Systems Hands-On
SOLIDWORKS introduced Structure System features in SOLIDWORKS 2019 to help customers design and capture design intent of advance and complex structures. This hands-on session does a deep dive of these features. 60 Minutes Utpal KUMAR
Students: Interview for some Sweet SOLIDWORKS Jobs Here! This session brings together students and industry recruiters to possibly fill some real job openings with local industrial customers. 210 Minutes Pierre Devaux
Subdivision Modeling using SOLIDWORKS xShape
SOLIDWORKS xShape is a new browser-based freeform/subdivision modeling tool. It brings subvision modeling technology to the SOLIDWORKS product portfolio. Join this session to learn about using this new product from SOLIDWORKS. 90 Minutes Robert Jost
Craig Therrien
Surfacing Tools for Solid Designs: A Hybrid Modeling Method This session guides attendees through the process of utilizing powerful and easy to use surfacing features to enhance their solid modeling workflows. These features will help to speed up the design process and will simplify modeling tasks that can be hard to achieve with standard features. 90 Minutes Chris Mowatt
Sweeping Away the Competition This session offers an in-depth conversation of using sweep and loft features. It covers best practices and advanced options, as well as some great tips to help you avoid common mistakes. The speaker will also sprinkle in some of his favorite enhancements to the software related to these features. 60 Minutes Garrett Klein
Take Control of Your SolidNetwork License Manager with an Options File This session dives into the different ways to control your SOLIDWORKS licenses using an Options File. Participants will learn how to create groups, reserve licenses and create timeouts as well as gain a better understanding of how the SolidNetwork License Manager distributes licenses. 60 Minutes Heather Dawe
Taking a Design from MCAD to ECAD
This session shows how to start a PCB design in the mechanical model and push that across to the PCB designer to achieve a tightly-integrated product. 60 Minutes Alecs Spiridon
Taking the Next Step with SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer
SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer is a new product. The tool utilizes the powerful 3DX platform and the Abaqus Solver and integrates directly with SOLIDWORKS Simulation. The product is ideal for users who need more meshing, contact, material and general nonlinear capabilities to solve problems. 60 Minutes Ryan Paige
Omar Zohni
Technical Support Tips and Tricks for SOLIDWORKS and PDM With over 10 combined years of experience answering technical support calls for SOLIDWORKS and PDM, the speakers have gained a unique set of knowledge for how to troubleshoot and correct a plethora of issues in the SOLIDWORKS CAD and SOLIDWORKS PDM software. This session is their chance to share some of these secrets. 60 Minutes Justin Maxwell
Hannah Harmon
The Certification Game This session delves into the world of SOLIDWORKS certification, from how to equip yourself properly, to how to prepare for the "End Game Content" (taking the tests), and what achievements and rewards are obtained after receiving certification. 90 Minutes Robert Maldonado
The Inventor's Product Development Roadmap This session presents a high-level overview of recommended steps to developing and selling your own product—from ideation, to design and prototyping—(using SOLIDWORKS of course!), to business operations, to manufacturing and launch. Check out my blog post about this subject here: 60 Minutes Eric Haddad
The Key to Configurations
This hands-on session will step users through an intuitive yet functional way of acquiring more familiarity with creating, implementing and editing configurations through a number of methods. Attendees will use different tools to create multiple variations of a standard house key. 60 Minutes Jay-Shan Jackson
The Large Assembly Beast: Tips to Tame your Large Assemblies Have your assemblies turned into a performance monster? This session explores many tips and best practices to help you improve and get the most out of your assembly performance, including how to use existing tools to identify key contributors. You will learn to tame that beast in no time! 90 Minutes Ralph Gillis
The Latest in Visualization & Interactive VR from AMD The cost of VR headsets and the powerful graphics required to drive them has reached a point of wide accessibility. In this session we will share the ease with which the latest software tools can be used by anyone to create amazing interactive VR experiences and advanced visualizations. 90 Minutes Daryl Obert
Adam Glick
The Mechatronics Evolution in the Age of Digital Transformation This session offers insights into the next generation of mechatronic solutions. 60 Minutes Michel Monsellier
Louis Feinstein
Victor To
The Power of the Digital Transformation Keynote This session shows how to accelerate innovation through expanded digital integration. 90 Minutes Louis Feinstein
The Power of Visualization in Product Development and Marketing This session focuses on how product designers at Yamaha Guitar Group evaluate design ideas with customers in development stage, as well as communicate products and options to the public via their website, all using the latest tool, SOLIDWORKS Sell, including how to leverage Visualize for marketing. 60 Minutes Andrew Bonica
Thermal Effect in Static Analyses This session covers all aspects of using thermal effects in Static Analyses. It will show how to define initial temperatures and use the results from thermal analyses, introduce the Thermal Expansion Coefficient curve (ICTE vs SCTE), and use design studies to check the effect of different temperatures. 60 Minutes Eduardo Beltran
The Underestimated SOLIDWORKS Evaluate Tab: What Can It Do for Me? This session shows the importance of all Evaluation Tools which provide invaluable information that help avoid manufacturing errors, improve quality of products, and identify performance issues on parts and assemblies. The purpose of this session is to show all tools found in the SOLIDWORKS Evaluate Tab. 60 Minutes Juan Chapa
This Is Not a Toy: SOLIDWORKS Assembly Tools Taught with Legos Lego models are some of the most complex real-world assemblies that we all know. This session demonstrates the ins and outs of the most useful and efficient SOLIDWORKS assembly tools by building virtual Lego models in SOLIDWORKS. Attendees will go home with their own set of virtual Lego parts! 60 Minutes Daniel Herzberg
Toby's Tips and Tricks In this 90-minute breakout session, SOLIDWORKS users of beginner, intermediate or advanced skills will learn 20 of Toby's best time-saving tips and tricks. Toby will show attendees how to get the most out of their parts, assemblies and drawings by using these excellent (but often overlooked) gems. 90 Minutes Toby Schnaars
Tools for Great Renderings that Every Visualize User Should Know In this exciting session attendees will be introduced to the multitude of resources that will take the realism of their renderings over the top. Learn how to access and use custom appearances, environments and 3D models within your Visualize projects to make achieving a photo-realistic image extremely easy. 90 Minutes Chris Mowatt
Topology Study - From Design to Print
The SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018/2019 software introduces Topology study which enables designers to develop innovative minimum mass components based upon linear static loads, restraints and frequency constraints. This session starts with a rough shape and finishes with a print-ready optimized shape. 90 Minutes Hari Padmanabhan
Girish Mule
Transforming Industrial Operations – Key Lessons Learned in Applying IoT and AI to Manufacturing Many manufacturing companies have started smart factory / smart manufacturing / IoT projects . The projects can range from simple machine connections to complex applications of augmented reality, wearables, Big Data analytics, AI and machine learning across the manufacturing value chain. 60 Minutes James Mok
Transforming the Canada France Hawaii Telescope with SOLIDWORKS This session will explore how SOLIDWORKS took the speaker from a 3D drafter and custom motorcycle builder at night to one of the world’s most productive optical observatories in Hawaii where he works as an Instrument Designer and Machinist. 60 Minutes Greg Green
T-SQL Hands-on
This session focuses on the basics of how to write T-SQL queries to get information from a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault database. 90 Minutes Joy Garon
Turning like a Pro with SOLIDWORKS CAM This session covers professional machining tips and strategies for turned parts or parts manufactured with a lathe. It intends to give beginner CAM users confidence to begin turning with SOLIDWORKS CAM and seasoned machinist professional tips to economize their workflows. 90 Minutes Todd Troutt
Paul Ludwick
Turn SOLIDWORKS into Your Kinematic Whiteboard! Moving linkages are a staple of Mechanical Design and they always seem to start on a whiteboard (or napkin). But whiteboards don’t move! This session will teach you how to leverage SOLIDWORKS Kinematic 2D sketching to accelerate your design concepts, gain useful insight, and turn that whiteboard into a 3D design in no time! 60 Minutes Ryan Field
Brandon Nelms
Unleash the Power of the DraftSight API and Rapidly Build Powerful Applications Do you know which tasks can be automated to enhance your and your organization’s throughput? Or solve a larger problem that you can commercialize? If yes, then this session is for you. It will explore the power of the DraftSight API & learn to build applications for DraftSight. 90 Minutes Vivek Allu
“Unthinking” Workgroup and Adopting SOLIDWORKS PDM (Standard or Professional) This session discusses some of the differences in setup, philosophy and the end-user experience, between Workgroup PDM and SOLIDWORKS PDM (Standard or Professional). It will also discuss tips and tricks to help make the user transition smooth and easy. 60 Minutes Tom Cote
Upgrading SOLIDWORKS Macros to Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2015 SOLIDWORKS 2018 introduced support for Microsoft's Visual Studio for Applications 2015 framework for macros. This session demonstrates how to upgrade existing VSTA macros and exploit new features and help you to ultimately decide when to migrate to the new framework. *Previous experience writing VSTA 1.0 macros is required.* 60 Minutes Daniel Seaman
Useful Tips and Awesome Tricks Want to learn useful tips and awesome tricks on how to increase your speed and productivity designing in SOLIDWORKS? This breakout session showcases useful tips and awesome tricks to inspire users to express their creativity and drive them to create amazing products. 60 Minutes Ryan Priddy
Using Mesh Data to Create a Custom Wearable This session discusses how to use an imported mesh to build a custom wearable. It also gives tips on how to use mesh data to generate practical parametric models. 60 Minutes Aaron Godwin
Samuel Stathis
Using SOLIDWORKS Electrical from Schematic to Harness Drawing
Learn how to utilize the drawing tools available in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic to detail out your electrical harnesses. The session will show you how to produce drawings for electrical harness manufacturing. 90 Minutes Charles Mayou
Using SOLIDWORKS for Good: Design for the Developing World This session demonstrates how to apply SOLIDWORKS to design projects for resource-poor individuals. The session takes a deep dive into the development and implementation of a hand-powered washing machine, a modular wooden cart and a pineapple juicer. 60 Minutes Charles Wood
Using Structural Simulation Engineer to Solve Real-World Problems The world of engineering simulation is growing more and more complex by day. This session will focus on an existing SOLIDWORKS Simulation customer, InFocus Energy Services from Canada. InFocus specializes in providing products and services to the Oil & Gas industry. As a SOLIDWORKS Simulation user they were running complex problems that were taking extended times to solve or hitting the limits of what SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium could complete. They agreed to lighthouse a new product called Simulia Structural Simulation Engineer, and in doing so not only could solve these problems in a timely manner, but were also able to drive their innovation in new directions that would not have been possible without SSE. 60 Minutes Peter Kjellbotn
Omar Zohni
Visualize PBR and MDL Materials in 2019: Straight from the Horse's Mouth! When it comes to realism in rendering, the devil is in the details. Join the SOLIDWORKS Visualize development team in an overview of how the new PBR and NVIDIA MDL appearance types actually work. Learn to take advantage of a multitude of online resources and tools to generate stellar material presets, adding loads of instant realism to your Visualize content! 60 Minutes Bastian Krueckberg
Ron Bates
Weldments and Toolbox Administration using SOLIDWORKS PDM Weldments and toolbox need to be customized before they can be used. This session demonstrates how to set up these items: - Create a specific workflow for Toolbox parts (PDM Professional) or States (PDM Standard). - Assign properties and use them with PDM BOM and Datacard. 60 Minutes Guilherme Kastner
What Can CFD Do for High-quality and Elegant Cosmetics? It has long been said that Made in Japan products are of high quality. As one of Japan's leading cosmetics companies, we are demanding that our productions be of such high quality that we can meet. The quality of the product is determined by its production process. We have used CFDs that have been widely used in product design to improve production processes. In order to ensure the quality of cosmetics, including the manufacturing process for lipsticks and tubing products, as well as the quality of cosmetics on the market, we will introduce examples of the effective use of CFDs, including the use of the latest Solidworks Flow Simulation functions. 60 Minutes Yoshihiro Yokokawa
Aya Tanaka
What Do You Do When the Rest of your Company Wants to Use the PDM? Now that you have implemented SOLIDWORKS PDM, others have noticed engineering’s new efficiency and they want in on it. What do you do? How do you figure out processes that you are unfamiliar with and fully implement them into the PDM? How do you go about integrating them so that the company benefits? Come to this session for answers to these questions. 60 Minutes Ludovica Bolbos
Stephen Lapic
What's New in Sheet Metal in Recent Releases
The sheet metal functionality in SOLIDWORKS has continuously improved over the last couple of releases. This session demonstrates features you might not be aware of. 60 Minutes Frank Ruepp
What’s New & Model Mania Two ‘classic’ parts of SOLIDWORKS World get their own session at last. Get introduced to some of the new features and functions of SolidWorks 2020 with Kurt Anlikers Whats New skit. Always fun, always enjoyable take a sneak peak of what will hit the market in Oct 2019. Back for its 20th year Model Mania® will once again be the place to be to prove you have the SOLIDWORKS modeling skills to top them all. Mark Schneider will take you through the tips and tricks he uses to model at warp speed and give out a few prizes to those who how have beaten their colleagues to the best modelling time. 60 Minutes Mark Schneider
Kurt Anliker
What’s New with Geomagic, 3D Scan Data, and SOLIDWORKS This session demonstrates how the powerful combination of Geomagic software and SOLIDWORKS can elevate your 3D scanning workflow and learn what’s new this year. 90 Minutes Mike Tsang
What's Old and New In PDM This session takes a look at many of the features inside SOLIDWORKS PDM that have come along in the “What’s New” material as well as a few that have sneaked in along the way. Rather than focus on the most recent releases, this session explores going back to the early releases. 90 Minutes Jeremiah Davis
What You Need to Deploy SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 This session explored the components needed to deploy SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 in your organization. Learn about the options in the web configuration file. 90 Minutes Annie Cheung
What You’ve Missed in Drawings
If you are still doing things the old way, come to this session to learn about Drawings tools and functionality that has changed in recent years. Learn about new workflows, drawing views, sheet format capabilities and more. 60 Minutes Matthew Lorono
Why Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Using SOLIDWORKS Should Adopt the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform on Cloud for their Digital Transformation? Industrial Equipment manufacturers today have to create sophisticated and more efficient machinery, equipment and components. Discover how PLM Collaboration Services offers browser-based, scalable, cloud, data management and PLM new capabilities. 90 Minutes Philippe Delannoy
Yves Manigault
Why You Should Care About AR/VR Technology in SOLIDWORKS This session will cover the differences between Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Extended Reality and help you realize which one fits best into your process. You will also learn about the existing workflows to get SOLIDWORKS models imported to AR/VR environments. 90 Minutes Arnav Mukherjee
Marcelo Hendler
Working in Production with the SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 2019 and Branch and Merge Features This session presents the different possibilities offered by the new SOLIDWORKS PDM Branch and Merge functionality and PDM Web2 (responsive design) in a customer production context. It also demonstrates how to solve challenging collaborations and accelerate customer design workflows. 60 Minutes Cyril Gauvrit
Tor Iveroth
Working with Bill of Materials, SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS Manage
This hands-on session demonstrates how to create a complete Bill of Material based on a SOLIDWORKS assembly. The session works through a practical design scenario to create and process a Bill of Material while teaching about the SOLIDWORKS Manage capabilities. 60 Minutes Michael Newell
Working with Tessellated (Mesh) Files in SOLIDWORKS 2019 This session demonstrates the new functionality in SOLIDWORKS 2019 that allows users to work with tessellated (often called mesh) files. 90 Minutes Marlon Banta
Working with the Mate Controller
This session introduces the Mate Controller, shows how it works and how to create, edit and use a Mate Controller in SOLIDWORKS. 90 Minutes Chris Brooking
Work Smartly with Composer's Smart Views
This session provide an opportunity to practice creating smart views in SOLIDWORKS Composer, and to understand the difference between camera view, normal view and smart view. 60 Minutes Sandip Dumbare
Write a SOLIDWORKS Add-in from Scratch
Are you curious how professional developers create add-ins from the ground up? This hands-on session—which assumes you have at least a basic knowledge of object-oriented programming—walks you through DLL registration, hooking into SOLIDWORKS menu creation and debugging in Visual Studio. 90 Minutes Keith Rice
xDesign in Education: What the Future Holds!
Want to learn about SOLIDWORKS xDesign and be one of the first customers to try it out? Come check out all it has to offer and what it can do! In this session, you will gain hands-on experience with xDesign and cloud CAD. 60 Minutes Ryan Koehler
XR Zone Partners Panel Discussion Extended Reality (XR) is set to transform the way business is done. We are bringing together hardware and software partners who are leaders in their domains to help you understand how to implement the right technologies to capitalize in this new age of business. We will be discussing how to address the ideal use cases currently within scope of available XR technologies such as how to train users to how assemble or interact with your products immersively, how to improve collaborative internal and external design reviews and how to sell your designs more effectively with immersive experiences. 90 Minutes David Randle
David Weinstein
xStudio | Perfect Visualization to Communicate & Promote Your Designs You are a Marketer. You are a CGI Artist. Times have changed. Everyone needs to communicate and sell ideas – from kick-starters to designers in large enterprises. This session explores the most efficient path from CAD to realistic rendering. 60 Minutes Brian HILLNER
Benjamin Becker
You Need PDM, but how much ? Many customers are staring at the decision on where to go with organizing and controlling their data both CAD and non-CAD. This session helps them to fully understand what the options are in each package and what best practices they should try to create in the change to a new system. 60 Minutes Jenny Johnson
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